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Chess Ultra is sure to strike you a match

Chess is a rather unique sub genre of gaming, especially in the console gaming sphere. When we think about playing chess against an A.I. opponent, we naturally think about playing chess on a personal computer of some kind. Historically, chess has been a staple of personal computers, almost to its earliest days. Chess on consoles, on the other hand, haven’t enjoyed quite the same amount of notoriety. The image of console chess is usually one involving a wizened bearded man, hunched over a chessboard, gazing knowing at you, one hand reaching for a frosted glass chess piece, the board and pieces illuminated heavily with light from below, while a soft indigo glow encircles the man’s head like a hood. Newer incarnations have done away with the suggestive imagery in favor of a more modern, traditionalist design, featuring close ups of chess pieces. The classic design...
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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2’s lineup might be disappointing, but it more than makes up in content

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is an inherently inferior compilation in comparison to the first, mainly due to its lineup of games, but it excels in bringing back to light some my least favorite entries in the franchise. In fact, Capcom has done an admirable job putting this new collection together. Although neither Mega Man 7 or 8 were never my cup of tea, the inclusion of 9 and to a lesser extent 10, sorta make up for the fact that none of the later main series Mega Man games have managed to live up the first three NES titles. The glaring omission is the magnific Mega Man & Bass, a side entry that never saw the light of day outside of Japan when it was originally released. Heading the collection is Mega Man 7, the main series’ only game released worldwide on the Super...
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A chat with Space Mace about Joggernauts

For as popular as local multiplayer games are these days, it feels like the competitive variety far outnumbers the cooperative sort. Space Mace, a small indie studio based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, feels that the local multiplayer scene could use more cooperative games. The studio has made them their focus, with their first game, Joggernauts, looking like a promising start to fulfill that mission. Joggernauts is a cooperative autorunner. In it, up to four players work together to navigating increasingly difficult levels by changing formation. The characters move in a line, the person in front needing to match the color of whatever platform or obstacle stands before them in order to continue forward, leading everyone to switch places constantly. Like the best local multiplayer games, it looks like it’ll be a rousing good time. The team at Space Mace — Zachary Johnson, programmer and co-designer;...
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