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The Walking Dead – Season Two Episode Four: Amid the Ruins Review

There’s no point in sugar-coating this review. Episode four of the current season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead is one hell of a ride. It’s tightly packed in a three hour blow to blow action block that not only ramps up the tension to even higher levels, after the already insane events of the previous part. I keep stating that a lot of the episodes that come out from Telltale work out to be “their best work so far”, so I’ll spare you the cliché, as much as it fits as a description to Amid the Ruins. We get to see lots of character development that boil down in logical ways, especially between Jane and Clementine, who sort of bond and act as master and apprentice throughout the episode. That proves true towards the later part of the episode, when all bets are off and...
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A Look At: Action Henk

Videogames and obstacle courses are one of those weird pairings that always works. Something about swiftly navigating ridiculously treacherous courses never ceases to entertain. It’s why games like Trials continue to see great success. Action Henk from RageSquid, which just launched on Steam early access, but instead of relying on a specific catch to instill most of the challenge, Action Henk decides to keep it simple – but no less challenging. Action Henk stars the titular Henk, a pudgy action figure clearly past his prime. You take control of him through dozens of courses set in places like a child’s bedroom or the beach, all put together using whatever’s available. In the case of bedroom environment, that’s building blocks and pieces of plastic road. Henk’s skillset is limited to jumps and butt slides, but it’s more than functional. The goal is simple: get to end...
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E3 2014 – Eduardo’s Favorite Games

E3 2014 has been one of my favorite shows so far. That’s mostly due to the huge amount of games that not only came out of nowhere and surprised the heck out of me, but because the a few of the known quantities also managed to make pretty good showings. Here are a few of my picks. Favorite surprise: Fantasia Fantasia was completely out of my radar for this year’s E3. After Microsoft’s killing of Kinect, I had zero hope of seeing anything worthwhile for it at the show. And boy, was I mistaken. Fantasia makes an incredible case for that thing – it’s simple, easy to play and doesn’t take too long to play, much like games I used to enjoy when I was a kid. I would totally play this if, you know, I wanted to buy a Xbox One… which I still...
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