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SOMA Review – Don’t Quit on Yourself

SOMA is a fantastic science fiction tale that just happens to be trapped within the limitations of the medium it was designed for. As a horror game, it’s by far Frictional Games’ best, with one of the best conceits and design ever to come out of Amnesia: The Dark Descent‘s developers. Unlike the first Amnesia, which oozed with ambiance but lacked a decent narrative to tie it all together, SOMA is a tightly packed combo of both as it tells the story of Simon, a Toronto native with a seemingly normal life. As you’d probably expect, that turns out to not be the case, a few minutes into the game, when an experimental procedure aiming to help Simon overcome cerebral injuries sustained in a car accident turns his life inside out. For some, the thought of having an horror game taking place in Canada would seem like...
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Broforce Review – A Bromance with Disaster

Broforce is just about the sloppiest kiss you could get of 1980s nostalgia today. Surely, the over the top presentation wears thin rather quickly, but in the window of time it’s in effect, you’re bound to have a good time in this game with friends or randoms, via drop-in drop-out multiplayer, or by playing solo. As the name suggests, Broforce is very macho. Macho to the nth degree. It brings to the table practically every hero from that golden decade in entertainment, down to the lowliest of low TV show heroes. You’ll find all the usual suspects, plus a few more surprises along the way. Who shows up is part of Broforce’s charm and honestly, its main draw, so we’ll keep this review relatively spoiler-free as to their identity. Safe to say, you’re bound to have a chuckle or two with these guys and how close they...
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