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Capsule Force Review – Multiplayer mayhem

Back at E3 I said Capsule Force was some of the most fun I’ve had with a local multiplayer game. For as much of that was born of out of the circumstances – the atmosphere, the people – I still stand by that statement. Developed by Klobit Games, Capsule Force pits two teams of two players each in a game of tug-of-war. Both teams are trying to move one of two platforms to the right or left sides of the level. The goal is to reach the opposing team’s base and steal their capsule through a combination of firepower and swift maneuvering, though mostly the former. Think Nidhogg but with guns instead of rapiers and you’ll get the idea. You move and direct your arm-cannon with the left stick and fire by pressing the square button, while holding it down turns it into a charged...
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Batman: Arkham Knight Review – One bat too many

Rocksteady has finally put the conundrum they themselves created to bed. Their new Batman game, Arkham Knight, proves that there can be too many Batman games. Granted, they have been on a steady decline quality-wise ever since the original, fantastic Arkham Asylum, but the series is far from being considered anything remotely close to bad. But Arkham Knight makes a case for there being too much of something originally unique is also a tiring way of handling a franchise. Arkham Knight picks up from where the last game left off, with Arkham City shut down and Gotham City back to its former self; that is, a haven for criminals to running amok and do their dirty business. Among them is Scarecrow, who’s back in action after his plans failed horribly in the ol’ asylum, and is now cooking up a new batch of his fear toxin....
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Velocibox Review – A test of endurance

Velocibox is an endless runner wherein you play as a box that zooms down a rectangular corridor. The goal is to collect several smaller cubes littered about to ascend to the next level, avoiding the myriad obstacles along the way. You move about the hall by sliding left or right and by flipping the room entirely. Sounds easy enough, yeah? Yeah. Except for the part where you’re moving at incredible speed and barely have time to react to anything. Swift reflexes are hardly a new requisite for endless runners, but Velocibox demands far more in that regard than its contemporaries. Where in most such games you can easily see what’s coming and react accordingly, you don’t get that same comfort here. Instead, everything comes flying toward you faster than you have time to process. It’s a game that demands you constantly be looking ahead and...
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