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Thoth condenses twin-stick shooters into their most intense moments

It’s immediately apparent that Thoth was made by the same guy who created 140. Jeppe Carlsen’s unique aesthetic is front and center in Thoth, giving it that same air of surrealist minimalism that made 140 so stylish. Unlike his previous game, however, music isn’t the focus this time. Instead, it’s a simple twin-stick shooter. Well, I say “simple,” but it’s actually quite complex. Thoth is a twin-stick shooter that trims the fat of its brethren and gets straight to the good part. Instead of fighting your way through wave after wave of enemies before things start getting interesting, it dives right in and makes things nail-bitingly tense, switching up the rules constantly all the while. The game does this through a variety of small tweaks – such as your movement speed being reduced while you’re shooting – but it mostly comes down to one significant...
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Dex: Enhanced Edition Review – Knee deep in the past

In the current surge of nostalgia-filled games, it’s great when one of them so perfectly encapsulates the feel of 16-bit as well as Dex does. It feels especially like a Genesis/Mega Drive RPG platformer made in this day and age, from its graphics down to just how bogged down its pacing feels at times. Dex begins in the far-flung future, in a metropolis that’s completely enslaved by technology, at the hands of mega corporations vying for control of the cybernetic enhancement market. You play as the homonymous protagonist, who wakes up just as her apartment is about to be raided, quickly discovers that she’s mysteriously acquired special hacking powers, thanks a sentient computer system that seems to communicate directly to her head. There’s quite a bit to do in Dex, but little of it is different than picking up a quest, heading to a particular spot on...
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100ft Robot Golf Review – On the green

Everything about the concept of 100ft Robot Golf is wonderfully absurd. It’s a game about playing golf while piloting huge mechs in the form of a campy low-budget anime. How that idea came together is anyone’s guess, but the result is nothing short of spectacular. 100ft Robot Golf’s take on the sport doesn’t play much differently from the actual game. You may be piloting massive robots and destroying cities along the way, but at the end of the day, you’re still playing a typical game of golf. There is one key difference, however: no one takes turns. Everyone takes their shots simultaneously. The main mode of Robot Golf feels more like a race, with points being earned not by completing holes in the fewest strokes possible, but by being the first to sink the ball. You can also play a regular ol’ game of golf,...
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