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Armello Review – Long live the king

Armello is an interesting blend of genres and ideas. It’s a strategy meets card game hybrid with some role-playing elements thrown on top. It seeks to recreate the tabletop experience in videogame form, such that it not only plays like one, but captures the look and feel too. From its aesthetics to its rules and mechanics, Armello almost feels like an adaptation of an existing board game than an original creation. The premise is that the king of Armello has fallen ill to a force known as “the rot,” which is slowly killing him. As news of his condition spreads, each of the four clans – wolf, rat, rabbit, and bear – send their best to claim the throne. As one of eight characters, you roam the land taking on quests and fighting monsters (or sometimes your fellow players) to earn renown and grow stronger....
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The Beginner’s Guide Review – Emotionally inventive

Franz Kafka. You’ve probably heard the name before at the very least, even if you haven’t read any of his works. Kafka is regarded today as one of the most influential writers of the 20th Century, writing a large collection of short stories alongside several novellas such as The Metamorphosis and The Trial. Kafka’s writing is full of strange things happening to people for no evident reason, with main characters that are powerless in the face of unreasonable external bureaucracies and who often meet sudden, unfortunate ends. Indeed, his particular style of writing even has its own word; Kafkaesque. During his lifetime, Kafka published almost nothing and when he died aged 40 from tuberculosis, he left instructions to his executor Max Brod to destroy all of his writings. Thankfully, Brod ignored Kafka’s instructions and decided to publish everything instead. Kafka, perhaps more acutely than many...
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Persona 4: Dancing All Night Review – Stretch, stretch, stretch your franchiiise!

First rule of storytelling: Is this the most interesting part of your protagonist’s life? If it isn’t, why aren’t you showing us that? Persona 4 way back in 2008 was a fairly fresh RPG with an eclectic and timeless cast. Then Atlus followed up a few years later with Arena and its fantastic sequel, and a few anime adaptions, and a 3DS crossover with Etrian Odyssey named Persona Q. Atlus has never stretched a set of characters out for nearly as long as they’ve done with the Persona 4 cast, and the “most interesting part” has been long over. Dancing All Night is the fifth situation we’ve followed the investigation team through, and while the style still bursts forth, it’s getting rather contrived. Idol and team member Rise Kujikawa is prepping for her return to the stage, and has enlisted the help of her friends...
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