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Vampyr might have a lot of sharp teeth, but it lacks bite

There are times when “throwing the kitchen sink in” works extremely well in games. Examples of that method of game design are aplenty, but the same can be said about the opposite, when putting too many systems into a game without honing any of them particularly well only makes it a bloated mess. Vampyr sits at the middle of these two definitions, and thanks to its many teeth, it could’ve been one hell of a game, but it lacks the polish, care and common sense that would’ve made it so. It lacks the bite it could’ve had thanks to that. Set in London right after the end of the first World War, as the Spanish Flu was taking ahold of Europe killing thousands in its wake, you step into the shoes of Jonathan Reed, a famous doctor and blood transfusion expert fresh off from the...
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E3 2018 – Team 17’s indie lineup continues to impress

Team 17’s had one of the more consistent lineups year after year. Their electric mix of games always provides some fun surprises (such as the excellent Yoku’s Island Express last year), which makes it a worthwhile visit year after year. Here’s what we played: Overcooked 2 I love a good local multiplayer game, and Overcooked remains one of the best. So of course I jumped at the chance to give its sequel a spin and see what’s new. To put it simply: It’s still Overcooked and it’s still great. The demo had a few levels to tackle. In them, myself, a platypus, and my partner, a unicorn, were tasked with making sushi rolls. The first kitchen we served was a simple affair; there were no obstacles or complications to contend with, nor any variance in the orders. All we had to do was make sushi....
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With less assassinating and more plundering, Skull & Bones might as well be the next Black Flag

Regardless of what feelings you may hold in regards to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, you have to admit it shook things up somewhat for the series. Not nearly as big of an impact as Assassin’s Creed Origins eventually made last year, Black Flag threw in elements that were first introduced in the deeply flawed Assassin’s Creed III and ended up being way more enjoyable than it had any right being as an unwelcome prequel to the very first Assassin’s Creed game set during the colonial age of the American continent. Skull & Bones is an even bolder move by Ubisoft, stripping away the bloated and convoluted mythos that Assassin’s Creed drags around with each new iteration, leaving the great naval action that made the third and especially the fourth entries in that series so unique. While still unconfirmed whether or not it’ll feature any...
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