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Enter the Gungeon Review – Biting the bullet

There’s a degree of familiarity anyone who’s remotely interested in top-down shooters will feel when playing Enter the Gungeon. After all, at first glance, it’s strikingly similar to many, many games that came before it. Just as its brethren, it’s hard and merciless, teaching you its ways by throwing you back to the beginning every time you happen to die. What sets Enter the Gungeon apart, though, aside from its quirky pixelated aesthetic that has you fighting actual ammunition and other inanimate objects that just happened to spring to life, is how everything that you do in the game eventually ties in together in the long run. This being a game that’s very comfortable in its roguelike recliner, it’s surprising to see that there’s plenty of stuff that you tuck away and don’t lose between runs. For instance, after every boss battle, you earn currency...
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The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 3 – What We Deserve Review – Middling Results

For better or for worse, Telltale’s first regularly scheduled miniseries The Walking Dead: Michonne has been a familiar experience to just about anyone who’s played, seen or read anything set in the world of the giant multimedia franchise that The Walking Dead is. At the end of episode two, the shit was about to hit the proverbial fan after Michonne and the group had reached Sam’s family’s house, only to be followed by the baddies and suffering the consequences of co-villain Russell’s brutality. Sadly, all the tense build up to the actual invasion of the compound dwindles down and grinds to a halt as we’re once again dealt with more of Michonne’s hallucinatory way of coping with the skeletons in her personal closet. That was a barely interesting point that was touched in the previous episodes, but after two mostly similar attempts at making us care...
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Bunker Punks blends old-school shooter action with roguelike sensibilities

Last time I saw Bunker Punks was at the Media Indie Exchange during E3 last year. Back then, the game was a first-person shooter roguelike with a bit of base management on the side. Now, it’s still a first-person shooter roguelike minus the base management that’s out now on Steam Early Access. The game hasn’t largely changed at its core, but it feels like a much more complete and realized package, which, given it’s still got at least another year of development ahead of it, is surprising to say the least. That’s largely due to how the game’s basic framework exists already. You play as one of several characters (or “punks”), each with their own traits, and begin raiding nearby corporate strongholds for weapons and supplies to fuel your resistance group. You then take whatever cash you stole and spend it on upgrades for your...
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