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Surviving The Long Dark

The above screenshot was taken around 4 am in-game time. I’d just found shelter after being forced to retreat due to nearly catching the attention of a wolf. It was a small bunkhouse at the end of a path lined with log fence posts. There were barely any supplies, nor any place to make a fire; just a series of bunk beds. The sun was already setting, and since I didn’t have a lantern, sleeping till morning seemed like the best and only option. It was pitch black when I awoke, leaving me to stumble about to find the exit. Once I emerged outside, I was greeted by the starry night sky. Those fleeting moments of beauty are part of what make The Long Dark worth enduring. Developed by Hinterland Studios, The Long Dark is a game of survival set in the Canadian wilderness following...
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The Evil Within Review

Survival horror sure has gone to the deep end in the years following its inception as a description given to a certain niche of games. What began with a healthy dose of originality with the Alone in the Dark games and saw a big boost thanks to the first Resident Evil, lasting for a while through other series such as Silent Hill is now stale and dumbed down, a term used to describe “scary” games. Resident Evil 4 was the start of the decline for that series as a true horror franchise, turning to a tense, action-focused style that was extremely successful and influential to just about every action game that came after it. Given series creator Shinji Mikami’s hiatus from Capcom and from bigger releases in general, all hopes were on his eventual directorial return with The Evil Within. There’s absolutely no way to...
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Shadowgate Review

Nostalgia is a powerful motivator for game development nowadays. Now that we’ve reached a point where videogames are old enough to allow the existence of developers who have grown up playing them, old classics reappearing under new coats of paint have become commonplace. The newest case is Shadowgate, an old Nintendo Entertainment System tough-as-nails fantasy adventure game. This new release which started as a successful Kickstarter project and is now available on Steam. Developed by Zojoi, a team comprised of folks who actually worked on the original Shadowgate, this remake is probably one of the most lovingly put together re-releases you’re likely to see, sporting not only a completely new audio and visual presentation, but new puzzles as well as tons of lore to dive into if you so wish. As a ragged soldier pushed into an uncalled adventure by a mysterious voice and a...
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