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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – Into the valley of death, rode Billie Lurk

I have found myself a great admirer of the Dishonored series since it sprung from obscurity in 2012. Dishonored is what some call an “immersive sim”, a term I dislike but which is nonetheless a useful means of describing the genre. Immersive sims are played from a first-person perspective where you live the role of the protagonist and borrow many elements from RPGs, stealth and sometimes horror games. But the defining characteristic of the genre is the fact that the gameplay is so open-ended and multifaceted. True immersive sims allow you to choose the way you play them, not force you down one route or the other. The Deus Ex series has historically been especially good at doing this, allowing you multiple options to tackle an objective along with a variety of ways to incapacitate or avoid enemies. Dishonored takes inspiration from both Deus Ex...
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Ruiner is a demanding, difficult, and absolutely relentless isometric shooter

There’s something about Ruiner that will click with a particular sect of players. The kind that enjoys games are demanding, extremely difficult, and absolutely relentless. Ruiner is all of those things, and while it does its best to be appeal to casuals with an impressive visual aesthetic and presentation, there’s no denying who it’s really aimed for. Still, if you come in with the right mindset to Ruiner, even if you’re not among the hardest of the hardcore shoot ‘em up fans, there’s still plenty to enjoy in the game. Even though you might not get to the end, especially if you follow the developer’s recommendation of playing on the hard difficulty setting. On normal, Ruiner is already very challenging, not pulling any punches right from the very beginning. Ruiner is an isometric dual-stick shooter set in a dystopian future where people can have their...
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Cosmic Kites is a fantastic multiplayer take on Snake

The key to a good local multiplayer game is simplicity. The easier it is to pick up and play, the better. Almost all local multiplayer games understand this, but some embody that quality better than others. Cosmic Kites from Fishmoose Interactive understands it well. A multiplayer take on Snake, Cosmic Kites takes a simple concept and fleshes it out to its fullest, resulting in a great easy to pick up multiplayer game. In Cosmic Kites, you and up to three other players take control of spirits that take the form of animals like birds, warthogs, squids, and even dragons, and try to vanquish one another by trapping them within each other’s tails. Power-ups that make your tail longer or allow you to fire orbs of energy appear periodically, as do obstacles like vines that move across the entire screen. Their frequency is dependent on the...
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