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The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna Review – Let’s take that from the top

The Talos Principle is quite simply one of the story driven puzzle games you can play. It spins a cool yarn in the midst of some of the most challenging puzzles this side of Portal. Yeah, comparing it to Portal is easy enough, given how much of the game isn’t its gameplay, but actually how much of the incredibly well written story you can find on your own. The main portion of Talos had you figuring out continually harder puzzles in order to get more and more Tetris like pieces — which I’ve come to discover are named Tetriminos — in order to use them to unlock new tools to use later on. But most importantly, they gave you access to a certain section of the game often referred to as forbidden by the booming voice of Elohim, the dude who was apparently behind everything that went on....
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E3 2015 – In the MIX

For the past couple years, one of the best parts of E3 isn’t actually within the show itself. The Indie Media Exchange is a small invite-only event that roams the world as either a booth in various videogame conventions or as a supplementary event on the side. It was something of a surprise last year for us, a low-key event that took place not long after E3 proper closed shop for the day. Like the IndieCade booth, the MIX is a nice change of pace from the usual E3 offerings. Instead of a crowded show floor rife with bright lights and loud music, the MIX was a small intimate event that took place on a rooftop in downtown LA. Tables with laptops and televisions lined the area, the developers all on-hand to show off their work. Games of every sort were on display, ranging from rapturous...
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E3 2015 – Busting into Rainbow Six Siege

It’s time for Rainbow Six Siege to come out. It just needs to be out on shelves already. Seriously. Seven years after the release of Vegas 2, us couch counter-terrorism freaks are itching for a chance to take out some tangos for the sake of freedom and the videogame way of life. And heck, Siege is looking to be very much worth the wait after checking it out as a closer of yet another E3. Last year, I sat down with the fine folks from Ubisoft Montreal and checked out a very early version of the game that only featured a single stage and put two teams against each other. It was an exciting demo nonetheless that showed off many of the features that are completely new to the franchise, mostly related to the breaching of walls and its heavy influence on confrontations. There’s also...
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