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Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok Review – Rocking out for chaos

As we move towards the conclusion of Hitman‘s first season — there are at least two more on the way, according to recent news from IO Interactive — one thing’s crystal clear: in his entire career, Agent 47 hasn’t been afraid to take any job, no matter the circumstances. Along the series, these have included infiltrating a child’s birthday party, crashing into a repurposed meat plant, and even taking a steam boat trip down the Mississippi. None, however, have come quite close to one of my favorite missions in Hitman: Blood Money where 47 had to break into a highly secured five star hotel in order to eliminate a couple of targets. The amount of variables in that mission alone was enough to build  at least two separate levels on its own, but IO built it perfectly. They forced players to be creative in the way they’d slip...
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Severed Review – A cut above

Severed might just be the best implementation of cutting I’ve seen in a game so far. Then again, I have zero experience with this type of game in the mobile scene, but as it stands, Severed is impressive enough just for how far it takes the concept of slashing with its surprisingly deep gameplay, cooky visuals and dark story. What started out as a Vita exclusive and was later ported to iOS feels right at home on the WiiU, given that it’s now possible to use a stylus. The stylus basically rids the game of the problems that come with the intense use of touch controls on a small screen, that is, having your view obstructed by your hand and lack of precision. And while the game certainly makes concessions for making it possible to play with your fingers, it feels much tighter and more comfortable with a stylus....
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Batman: A Telltale Series Episode Two Review – Repercussions

Batman’s seasonal adventure continues with episode two, titled Children of Arkham, a much more tightly directed and faster paced entry than the premiere. It’s also one of the shortest segments Telltale has ever put out. Regardless, it manages to pack a generous portion of character development and drama in its short run, shaking the very foundations on which the septuagenarian franchise rests upon. Children of Arkham, starts out in the much maligned Crime Alley, the spot where Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered when he was a kid, also known as the birthplace of Batman. But instead of dredging up the same tired flashbacks of yells, gunshots, and broken pearl necklaces, Bruce’s presence at the scene makes for a strong opening for the episode, as he recalls more details in regards to the attack, tying more knots to the allegations of his father’s seemingly not so squeaky-clean...
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