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Monsters and Monocles delivers solid, frantic twin-stick shooter action

Monsters and Monocles is a four-player twin-stick shooter wherein you blast your way through hordes of supernatural monsters in a Victorian steampunk world. It’s standard twin-stick shooter fare, but then this genre is generally one that gets by pretty well by sticking to the basics. It launched last week in Early Access, but even in this early stage, it’s still a plenty fun and solid game. The premise is that the owner of a curiosities shop essentially opens Pandora’s Box (or vase, rather), unleashing all manner of horrors onto the world. Our heroes, flying through the skies aboard their airship, read about the incident in the newspaper and immediately leap into action. From there you’re given the choice of three locations: a mansion, Egyptian-style ruins, and the streets of a Victorian-era city. The full game will have three additional areas, which remain grayed out for...
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Inversus Review – Black and white

Inversus has all the qualities of a good local multiplayer game. It’s easy to learn, the matches are quick, and it has a fair amount of depth. It even has online play, a rarity for games like this, as well as a solid single-player mode. As far as feature sets go, Inversus pretty well-rounded. But with so many local multiplayer games coming out these days, you need a strong hook as well. In the case of Inversus, that hook is a rather simple but effective one. Inversus is a game of opposites. Two teams of opposing colors (black and white) compete in a game of deathmatch. Each player starts with only six bullets, which can be fired in the four cardinal directions using the face buttons on the controller. Faster red bullets frequently spawn, along with a host of other power-ups like shields, but pursuing...
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Monster Hunter Generations Review – Once more, with feeling

There’s something to playing Monster Hunter that no other game provides. I’ve been hunting since Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, and I still haven’t been able to pin just what exactly makes the series so special. Maybe it’s the amount of things you get to do at any given time, with ample opportunities to get yourself in something way over your head and not realizing it until it’s way too late. Or maybe it’s the incredibly personable and charming localization, which plays with puns like no other. No matter the reason, it’s safe to say that Monster Hunter Generations is yet another fantastic addition to the ever growing and practically yearly franchise. Like the more recent additions to Monster Hunter, Generations adds a few new features that improve the overall enjoyment of the game, making the previous release mostly obsolete. In this year’s game case, it’s the...
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