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Take your journey to the sea in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity was one of the first successful Kickstarter game projects I’ve ever got to play for myself. Headed by industry veterans that had a hand at some of my favorite games that I had played during my school days, such as Baldur’s Gate, the folks at Obsidian certain knew what they were doing with that game. While I haven’t had the opportunity to fully complete the original Pillars, nor its DLC pack The White March, I certainly played enough of it to know it’s the sort of RPG that I like. It’s the kind of game that respects your intelligence and doesn’t lead you by the hand, all the while serving a rich world to explore and characters whose stories I actually wanted to unravel. The good news is that there’s going to be a new entry in the series that’s stated to...
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If things aren’t going your way in Iconoclasts, throw a wrench at them

Iconoclasts sure lives up to its name. As a Metroid/Castlevania Symphony of the Night-inspired game, it’s totally serviceable: you explore a large grid-based map and use new equipment to help unlock new paths that take you further into the world. But it’s the way that it approaches your development that really sets it apart from the rest of the bunch, since you don’t really build a gigantic arsenal all throughout the game, but rather, are challenged to make use of the few upgrades that you do get (and sometimes put together) in continuously trickier level design. It’s easy to see why it spent so much time in development since its announcement back in 2007 — then called ‘Ivory Springs’ — and eventual retooling — and renaming to ‘Iconoclasts’–  in 2011. From the very get go, we’re treated to some of the most beautiful sprite work,...
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Where the Water Tastes Like Wine understands the power of stories

Stories are powerful things. We’re moved by them, draw strength from them. They help us understand the world and ourselves, allow us a chance to escape briefly and imagine a more idyllic world or inspire us to take action. Whether fact or fiction, they’re power is undeniable. The ways we connect with and cherish the stories we read, watch, play, or listen to are a testament to that. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine from Dim Bulb Games understands this. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is about stories. How they grow and change over time, how we relate to them, and connect with one another through them. It places you in the role of a traveler who, following a game of poker they lost, has been tasked with collecting stories. Stripped of flesh and granted (temporary) immortality, you wander the United States in search...
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