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CounterSpy Review

In a world of spies and nuclear armed nations gone crazy, it’s a spy’s job to stop catastrophe. In CounterSpy, you’re put right in the middle of an arms race between two world superpowers that want to destroy the moon. It might sound like a dumb conceit for a conflict, but it makes for an excellent excuse for a videogame. And hey, such a ploy really was planned in our real world during the Cold War. Still, let’s forget that fact and focus on what makes CounterSpy a fun game. Whether you are a fan of sneaking games or not, you are able to take missions in a variety of ways, the further you get within CounterSpy. For every pickup you come across, new weapons or perks are unlocked, expanding your respective arsenal and formula catalog. Formulas are basically single use mission tweaks that can...
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Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of landing a particularly intricate combo at just the right time in a Street Fighter IV match. The further advancements the series makes to the core formula, the more complex fights get and the better the player you are, the deeper you get into the ins and outs of what makes this relatively old game still feel fresh in its newest iteration, Ultra Street Fighter IV. Earlier this year at Evolution 2014, one of, if not the biggest tournament in the world, the cream of the crop of professional players went face to face in probably the first high stakes event to involve this new version of Street Fighter IV. I was in the middle of such a congregation of talent and passion for this venerable series, and it was quite a sight to behold how far Street Fighter...
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Indie Game Con highlights Oregon’s growing development scene

When we think about videogame conferences, E3 and the Penny Arcade Expo are usually what comes to mind. Massive booths with loud music and multi-colored lights, huge convention centers backed to the brim with near unnavigable throngs of people, and all the games you could ever want, both big and small, vying for your attention. There’s certainly some fun to be had at such massive events – the last three years I’ve attended E3 have been fantastic – but they don’t quite compare to intimate, earnest nature of smaller, more low-key conferences. On October 4th of this year, a small independent games event was held in Eugene, Oregon by the name of Indie Game Con. It brought together developers from all around the state into a single, small room to showcase their wares to the public. People of all ages and backgrounds could be seen...
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