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Cosmic Kites is a fantastic multiplayer take on Snake

The key to a good local multiplayer game is simplicity. The easier it is to pick up and play, the better. Almost all local multiplayer games understand this, but some embody that quality better than others. Cosmic Kites from Fishmoose Interactive understands it well. A multiplayer take on Snake, Cosmic Kites takes a simple concept and fleshes it out to its fullest, resulting in a great easy to pick up multiplayer game. In Cosmic Kites, you and up to three other players take control of spirits that take the form of animals like birds, warthogs, squids, and even dragons, and try to vanquish one another by trapping them within each other’s tails. Power-ups that make your tail longer or allow you to fire orbs of energy appear periodically, as do obstacles like vines that move across the entire screen. Their frequency is dependent on the...
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Neofeud: Do Androids Dream of a Fulfilling Future?

The path for humanity into the future is looking increasingly uncertain in 2017. Numerous events, from the financial crisis, the rise of automation, global warming to the election of a certain so-called President, brought about a strong sense that the world is not heading in a great direction. Neofeud takes this bad path to one potentially terrifying extreme. It imagines a world where the development of artificial intelligence and increasing automation does not result in a post-scarcity economy and the establishment of fully-automated luxury communism. Instead, AIs, augmented people and robot-human hybrids become a new underclass destined for menial work, exploited to an even greater extent by the richest 1%. The elite have become so unimaginably wealthy they are literally able to construct castles in the sky, lording it over the huddled masses below. Quite pointedly, the world has regressed back to a “neofeudal” system,...
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Death Squared is an excellent Switch pick up and play puzzler

Out of the host of games that I got to check out during BIG Festival in July, Death Squared was easily the one that caused the strongest emotional response. That emotion was bewilderment, with a pinch of rage. It’s a really clever puzzle game that makes fantastic use of dual analog controls as you keep check on two robots tasked with completing cooperative puzzles. It’s all quite simple: each analog stick controls a bot, and you must move them simultaneously in order to complete puzzles. The thing is that there are traps along the way, usually on one bot’s side, which hamper the other’s progress. Each of the bots has their own color that codes the kind of blocks they can stroll over, or even lasers that can one-shot them if not properly blocked. That’s where their friend comes into play, and they must cooperate,...
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