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Velocibox Review – A test of endurance

Velocibox is an endless runner wherein you play as a box that zooms down a rectangular corridor. The goal is to collect several smaller cubes littered about to ascend to the next level, avoiding the myriad obstacles along the way. You move about the hall by sliding left or right and by flipping the room entirely. Sounds easy enough, yeah? Yeah. Except for the part where you’re moving at incredible speed and barely have time to react to anything. Swift reflexes are hardly a new requisite for endless runners, but Velocibox demands far more in that regard than its contemporaries. Where in most such games you can easily see what’s coming and react accordingly, you don’t get that same comfort here. Instead, everything comes flying toward you faster than you have time to process. It’s a game that demands you constantly be looking ahead and...
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OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood Review – Pick yourself up and shred on

One more try. That’s the feeling that has pervaded every single run I’ve taken on OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood since it first released on PlayStation platforms many months ago. There are many games like OlliOlli 2 where the leaderboards push the player to challenge themselves and reach that next level, but OlliOlli 2 did it so elegantly it became more of a compulsion and elevated the whole game. OlliOlli was a great game during its time and introduced the world to the concept, much like the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater did back it the day. Then Pro Skater 2 happened, and with some subtle additions, like the addition of manuals, changed everything about the game. OlliOlli 2 quite literally does the same thing, though in the second dimension the effects of it are a lot more profound. A deceptively simple game at heart,...
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Submerged Review – Sink or Swim

The 2001 film A.I: Artificial Intelligence, is a fascinating, if flawed film. What the film does have in spades is memorable set pieces. In one such example, the robot boy David and his robot friend Gigolo Joe (Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law respectively) fly across a flooded Manhattan, the abandoned skyscrapers jutting out of the sea. It was an iconic image; a look at a future of uncontrolled sea-level rise and as testament to mankind’s hubris. Submerged is similarly set in a drowned city, seemingly hundreds of years after global warming destroyed civilization as we know it. It builds upon this iconic image, and allows you to fully circumnavigate a flooded city. Submerged is lacking depth, being light on story and gameplay, but it is gorgeously pretty, and simply sailing around the city is a peaceful joy unlike any other. In Submerged you as...
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