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E3 2015 – Platinum Games now aiming for Star Fox Zero

With much yelling and demanding from their fans, Nintendo is finally coughing out a new Star Fox game, dubbed Star Fox Zero. Much to our surprise, it’s a game fully focused on making use of the Wii U’s gamepad. That could be both a good and bad thing, all things considered. After our E3 demo with Nintendo, I’m not too entirely sure about either outcome. In my section of the three possible levels in the demo, the computer controlled wingmen and I were tasked with dog fighting smaller enemy craft in an open arena much akin to Star Fox 64‘s. Before I even started playing, something felt off. We were directed to hold the WiiU’s gamepad with our arms straight, as we would awkwardly look at mirror in order to aim and shoot enemies. When the demo began, I decided to look at the monitor instead, which proved to be...
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E3 2015 – Cooperation is everything in Super Dungeon Bros

One of the common problems with co-op games is that few ever really make cooperation a necessity. Or when they do, it’s often rather clumsy and forced. The best co-op games always encourage teamwork gently and naturally. Super Dungeon Bros from Wired Productions aims to do just that. It’s a top-down dungeon crawler with rock ‘n roll inspired themes in which four players hack and slash their way through procedurally generated levels in search of treasure. It’s a primarily multiplayer-focused game, though it side-steps the usual problems inherent to multiplayer-centric games (namely keeping the community populated) by enabling cross-platform play. The Xbox One version can connect with the Windows 10 release, and the PlayStation 4 with PC and Mac, which should ensure that you’ll always be able to find someone to team up with. It also can be played solo in its entirety. The level...
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E3 2015 – Praised be the Commander, XCOM2 is coming

Hearing that there’s a new XCOM game in development wasn’t a surprise, but it was welcome news regardless. As a gigantic fan of the original, I’m extremely hopeful and was very much looking forward to taking its appointment at this year’s E3. The demo presented at 2K’s booth, which since then has hit YouTube in its entirety, was set in an unique scenario within the XCOM universe. In it, the humans have lost the struggle to the aliens, and now the invaders control the world. The XCOM unit is basically relegated to guerrilla tactics to combat the invaders, with a bigger focus on the need for stealth, because they’re basically outnumbered at all times. As seen in that demo, the XCOM: Enemy Unknown gameplay is intact in XCOM 2, and all things considered, that’s absolutely the best part of the sequel getting announced and shown to the...
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