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The Swapper Review

Games are a powerful medium. Like a good book or thrilling movie, they can make you feel incredible at times, but given care, there are times when they bring about feelings like nothing else. The Swapper, for instance, makes you feel like a genius every time you manage to find a solution to one of its puzzles. When you finally are able to complete one of the many carefully laid out contraptions in The Swapper, there’s no better feeling in the world of videogames. Trust me, you can blow up as many cars as you want in Grand Theft Auto V or stealth your way through an entire playthrough of Deus Ex – once you figure out how simple the answer to a deceptively complex puzzle turns out to be, there’s no helping feeling like a grand champion couch potato. It also helps that The...
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Spintires Review

The name Spintires doesn’t offer a whole lot of confidence right off the grid. It’s extremely bland and doesn’t say anything other than the most basic thing that a road vehicle does. So when you boot up a game with this sort of name, expectations start off very low, and in most cases, you meet it head on. Thankfully, Spintires is part of the minority of games that not only manages to surpass any pre-notion you might have based solely on its name, but also grab you and leave you hopelessly devoted to what most folks would consider mundane. That’s because the mundane is what Spintires is all about. As the driver of a host of different 1970s/1980s’ Soviet-era trucks, it’s your job to deliver loads of lumber and fuel, from one location to the other, while dealing with terribly kept dirt roads, steep hills,...
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Entwined Review

“Always together, forever apart.” Those are the first words you see upon loading Entwined. It weaves a story of two spirits in love and their journey to overcome the barriers that separate them. It’s a lovely premise for a lovely game, one that isn’t explored very deeply, but nevertheless manages to be moving. Entwined sees you guiding the two spirits through nine lifetimes, each represented as a long tunnel decorated with some fancy visuals. The spirits are controlled independently using the left and right analog sticks – the fish on the left, the bird on the right – which you use to point them toward matching colored gates. By passing through them, the spirits build energy that, once enough is obtained, allows them to merge into a magnificent dragon, thus ending the level. Controlling two characters independent of one another sounds difficult, but it’s surprisingly...
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