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Extinction shows promise early on, but fails to follow through

Extinction is one of those games that should, on paper, work. All the elements are there, and, for a while, it’s great. A bit rough around the edges, but hey — nothing’s perfect, right? Extinction, unfortunately, is ultimately undone by those rough edges. What begins as a solid action game with a good premise soon devolves into a frustrating series of missteps that make it a struggle to enjoy at best and an utter chore at worst. Extinction follows Avil, one of the last members of an ancient order known as the Sentinels, who devote themselves to fighting the ravenii, a race of giant ogres that seek mankind’s destruction. Extinction picks up at the start of the ravenii’s latest attack, this time an all-out assault to wipe humanity out entirely. The story is told through quick conversations at the start and end of each mission,...
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Swarmlake is a fantastic pick up and play arena shooter

My current high score in Swarmlake is 2,024 points, which amounts to almost 5 minutes of play. That might not seem like much, but for Swarmlake, an arena shooter from Dominique Greishofer (developer of the excellent Refunct), that’s a long time. Swarmlake pits you against an endless horde of foes, testing your ability to survive against unbeatable odds. It’s kind of similar to Devil Daggers. The difference being that Swarmlake isn’t terrifying — in place of demons and creepy sounds are orbs and triangular foes and catchy tunes — and doesn’t wait to get the good parts. Also, its arena is seemingly infinite; more tiles appear as you approach the edge, preventing you from being backed into a corner, which is extremely helpful. Swarmlake begins with a bang — literally. With a click of the mouse, your gun locked to the ground, you fire a...
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King and Queen agree: Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an ambitious rhapsody

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game that showed lots of promise right from the very first time I checked it out at E3 2016. Even at that point in time, where developer Warhorse Studios was only had a few concept renders to visually show it off, it was clear that Deliverance was a deeply ambitious project. From the multi-layered character armor equipping to the direct approach to how combat would play out, I made a point to include this game in my watch list. The next year’s E3 came around and I finally had a chance to check out Kingdom Come in playable form. I came out of the demo impressed, but I was worried that while the combat proved to be complex, there wouldn’t be much story to neatly wrap around all the conflict that the time period and locale Warhorse picked provides. In...
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