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0RBITALIS seemingly captures both the beauty and dangers of soaring through space. It’s a puzzle game revolving around sending a satellite into orbit, trying to find the right trajectory to keep it floating for as long as possible. A simple premise, but difficult in practice, for it requires a ton of guesswork and patience to succeed at. Especially the former. Once you send off your satellite, its fate is beyond your control. Gravity takes over from there and all you can do is watch and hope it survives long enough for the bar surrounding the area to fill, thus completing the level. A task that grows more difficult as the puzzles become more complex. Stars pull and repel your probe, their colored auras signifying their gravitational properties; stray asteroids bar your path, and hexagonal or triangular bands prevent levels from being completed until you spend...
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South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

It’s amazing how far of a run South Park has had. For nearly 17 years, show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been on the ball every week, satirizing everything and everyone, with very few (if any) holds barred. It’s also hard to believe it’s taken this long for a half decent South Park game to come out, but alas, The Stick of Truth finally a reality and it was very much worth the wait. South Park: The Stick of Truth is as close as we’ll get to ‘playing’ an actual episode of the long-running series. It looks exactly like the show. For some might be just plain awful, granted, but for anyone remotely interested in the crass humor and visual gags of the Comedy Central cartoon, treats are everywhere. Just about every single character ever featured makes a return somewhere in the game,...
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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile Review

We’re finally reaching the halfway mark in The Wolf Among Us, and if its third episode is any indication, things are about to get even worse for Fabletown’s hard-boiled sheriff Bigsby Wolf. A Crooked Mile has Bigsby and Snow White hot on the trail of Ichabod Crane, who turns out, is way in deep in the case of the glamoured murders going on around New York’s Fable sanctuary. This episode turns out to be less about exposition, since we don’t really get a whole lot of answers for the questions that have been piling up since the start, but that lack is easily counteracted by the sheer amount of great moments mushed in together into this episode. Or should we say, punched in? Bigsby’s choices are far from friendly neighborhood in A Crooked Mile. Luckily for us, playing the part through the lenses of the...
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