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E3 2016: Deus Ex GO – Portable sci-fi stealth action

Square Enix prepared a cavalcade of Deus Ex games to show at E3, and the last one I got to check out during my appointment was Deus Ex GO, the newest entry in the GO series, which so far I’ve sorely missed playing, to my own fault, according to the many raving reviews I’ve read. This time, though, Square is taking Deus Ex and putting it through the motions of a game in tabletop form. Similarly to the other two GO games released so far, Hitman GO and Lara Craft GO, Deus Ex places the action on a flat surface and movement is limited to one space a turn. In Deus Ex‘s case, it’s the franchise’s hero Adam Jensen who takes the stage, along with whatever enemy humans and machines happen to be on his way to the goal. The demo on the show floor, which was running...
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E3 2016: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Breach – Hacking and smacking

Coming in as a little surprise bonus to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Breach is a free add-on mode that will come with all copies of the main game when that’s out in August. Breach plays a lot like the main game, but takes place inside a virtual reality, in which a hacker, who’s just joined a cyber terror group, attempts to invade the network of one of the biggest banks in the Deus Ex world, the Palisade Corporation. As a quick drop in, drop out game, Breach works wonderfully. It’s pretty much a Portal-like puzzle game that just happens to play under the conventions of Deus Ex — that is, stealth and avoiding detection — play a big part in how you finish its short levels. Enemy units sometimes patrol your path towards the valuable data that you steal, and you can knock them out...
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E3 2016: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Familiar, but augmented

Deus Ex saw a resurgence when Human Revolution made its way to consoles and PC back in 2011. It was a fantastic upgrade to a series that left its mark in the late 90s, only to suffer through the growing pains and developer shifts that it did when the whole gaming scenario shifted at the beginning of the last decade. Human Revolution paid homage to its legacy, and all the while it paved its own way, a truly fantastic game. Mankind Divided picks up where Human Revolution left off. We once again play as Adam Jensen, a man who came back to life as a augmented being after practically dying at the beginning of Human Revolution. He became something else entirely, and although everything that was said up to this point makes him sound like Robocop or even the Six Million Dollar Man, Eidos Montreal made him into a vessel...
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