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Tumblestone Review – Tumble, don’t fall

Multiplayer puzzle games are difficult to pull off. Making the act of puzzle solving into a competition doesn’t translate well to most match-3 puzzlers, often taking the slow-paced nature of those games and throwing another player or two into the mix to try speeding things up. It seldom works, usually resulting in a boring, tacked-on experience with little value. Tumblestone, however, makes a good case for how the match-3 formula can be adapted for multiplayer. It’s a standard-fare match-3 game wherein you pair three blocks of the same color to clear the board. Instead of placing the blocks yourself, however, you’re merely clearing them. It gives you a randomly generated puzzle that you and up to three other players race to solve first. First to clear it gets the point. It’s an interesting mix of speed and contemplation. You have to move quickly, but you...
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E3 2016 – Local Multiplayer Indie Game Round-up

Apart from seeing new videogames, E3 is a good place to get some local multiplayer action in. There’s always a lot on display, and with so many people around, it’s never a challenge to find opponents. I wasn’t able to sample much of the local multiplayer wares this year due to time constraints, but the few I got some time with were all fantastic. Inversus Inversus was a popular attraction over at the IndieCade booth. It’s a simple game of territory capture. Two teams of two, black and white, compete to cover the board in their team’s color. So the white team wants to make the board black, while the black team wants to make it white. You do this by firing lasers that flip tiles over either one at a time or several at once with a charged shot. The more tiles you capture,...
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Furi Review – Endurance run

Furi embodies both the best and worst qualities of boss fights. At its best, Furi is stylish and exciting; a series of challenging but fair fights that act as a fantastic example of good boss design. At its worst, it’s a frustrating slog that equates difficulty with sheer overwhelming odds; a game that punishes you for anything less than pin-point perfection on every move. Its best qualities often outweigh its lesser ones, the highs of its long, grueling scuffles proving to be a satisfying challenge. But it when it falters, boy does it falter. Furi is a third-person action game/twin-stick bullet hell shooter boss rush from The Game Bakers. It casts you in the role of The Stranger, a mysterious swordsman who’s been locked up in a very elaborate prison for reasons unknown. Tortured day in and day out by one of the jailers, his...
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