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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Review

Adventure games have been around for quite a while. The golden decade of the 1990s saw some of the best games ever to come out in that genre, some of which fans still talk about to this day with reverence and awe. One of such games is 1993′s Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, which was developed by Sierra under the writing and direction of then famed King’s Quest series writer Jane Jensen. Set in then contemporary New Orleans, Sins of the Fathers dealt with the occult, having the ultimately likeable but still a jerk romance writer/rare used book shop owner Gabriel Knight as the protagonist. The Southern setting was very unique for any kind of videogame at the time and thanks to some intelligent and humorous writing, it went on to become a classic, often quoted as one of the best adventure games ever....
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Abyss Odyssey Review

For as much as I like roguelike games – you know, the ones that have you traverse randomly generated levels and that punish you severely if you happen to die by sending you all the way back to the beginning – they’re extremely hard to get right. That’s even more evident when it comes to combining different gameplay styles that might at first sound excellent on paper, but when theory comes into practice, the result ends up somewhat lackluster. Unfortunately for Abyss Odyssey, that’s where it falls into. As ACE Team’s newest game after the bizarre and ultimately fascinating Zeno Clash series, Abyss Odyssey has the distinct honor of going outside of the box that studio has built for themselves – it’s not a first person brawler, not is it set in a fantastical backdrop. In fact, ‘Odyssey takes place in the very Earth we...
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Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review

“Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me.” The first line from a lyrical poem written by Emily Dickinson may sum up the final battle from the recently released Reaper of Souls expansion, far more elegantly and with outstanding accuracy, given that it was first published in 1890. In truth, Diablo III’s journey has been a rocky one, from a community dividing beginning through its auction house phase and its transition from PC to console, with much of its gameplay and several innovations made specifically for console that serve to make the game even more accessible. Finally having made the jump to next generation consoles, Diablo III is at its best when you and a few online friends are smashing through large hordes of endless foes, each slain enemy potentially dripping with gold and precious loot, just waiting to be claimed. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Diablo III...
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