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Linelight delivers a calm, elegant puzzle solving experience

For a genre that seems tailor made to unwind with, I wouldn’t call most of the puzzle games I’ve played over the years relaxing. Tough, taxing; sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding: those are the words I’d use to generally describe them. I love puzzle games, but they always have a habit of driving me up the wall eventually due to how inscrutable they all eventually become. What always begins as simple problem solving or logic puzzles soon transform into intricate webs that require intense mental gymnastics to work out. Means I end up getting fed up with them despite enjoying them. Linelight is different in that regard. It’s a puzzle game that trades on its calm atmosphere and straightforward but satisfying riddles. Linelight sees you moving a single sliver of light through a long, winding road, solving puzzles along the way. The puzzles often revolve...
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A Normal Lost Phone grapples with some interesting topics, but falters along the way

With how much personal data cell phones carry these days, the thought of losing one is terrifying. There’s a lot of damage one can do with even just a bit of access to someone’s life. With full access? I don’t even want to think about it. A Normal Lost Phone from developer Accidental Queens plays with this idea. It’s a game about searching a phone you randomly find on the ground to learn about its owner. A Normal Lost Phone sees you digging into the life of Sam. You find their phone and are immediately greeted by panicked messages from their father asking where they are, pleading for some kind of response to know they’re safe. By reading text messages, e-mails, and poking around their various online profiles, you piece together who Sam is and what happened to them. Every new text message you read,...
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Yakuza 0 Review – Past, present and future

The Yakuza series has never been one for subtlety. For years, we’ve followed Kiryu Kazuma’s adventures as he continually got deeper and deeper into trouble within the ranks of the Japanese mob. For as reluctant as our anti-hero’s been, trouble always seemed to follow him closely, and as is tradition, these bouts have always hit in epic scale. Yakuza 0 is no different, even if the entirety of its story revolves around a single simple thread of real estate dealings in the fictional Tokyo red light district of Kamurocho during the 1980s. That decade was special for Japan, as the country saw its economy boom, and with it, people became rich overnight. Not knowing what to do with so much cash in hand, entertainment quickly becomes a priority, and the yakuza families that control the pleasure districts all over the country waste no time in...
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