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Hitman Episode 5: Colorado Review – Apricot heaven

After a somewhat disappointing outing in episode 4, Agent 47 disembarks in the USA for one of the best missions in the current season of Hitman. Set in a militia camp somewhere in the mountain ranges of Colorado, it’s our bald friend’s mission to take down not only one, two, or...
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The Final Station Review – Ticket to ride

It’s a little hard to imagine what would actually come after a zombie apocalypse. Games and other forms of fiction very rarely approach the subject mainly because their aim is to show more of the terrible side of humanity that comes out during tense and positively hopeless situations. Max Brook’s...
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The Technomancer Review – Whack of all trades

The Technomancer is a midgling game. It tries to chew much more than it can chew, and while it’s certainly ambitious, it’s a jack of all trades that’s more whacked in all of them than anything else. As a side title of sorts to Mars: War Logs, developer Spider’s newest title takes...
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