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Pokemon, GO: The power that’s inside gamification

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile game that brings Pokemon onto the fields and streets of this planet hasn’t officially launched in every major country yet. One thing has become very clear already, though. We all live in a Pokemon world. It’s taking over social media, lunch breaks and commutes....
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E3 2015 – Reap what you sow in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memory

Apologies for the dark and ominous title there, folks. Harvest Moon games are anything but from the outset. In fact, they’re probably the happiest looking games you might jump into. But upon closer inspection, they are pure, concentrated evil. Don’t trust that cow. It only looks cute to lure you into...
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E3 2015 – Say hello to your new best friend, Goliath

There’s always something special about games with deceptively weak protagonists. It’s easy to just call them off and go for the burly types, but in my mind, it’s way more fun when intelligence beats brawn with its own medicine. That’s what Alawar Entertainment hopes to bring to the table with...
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