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E3 2013 – The Walking Dead: 400 Days Preview

There’s no doubt Telltale’s The Walking Dead series left a mark in adventure gaming, so it’s no surprise season two is well under way. What’s surprising, though, is that for the first time ever, there will be a downloadable pack bridging both seasons, dubbed The Walking Dead: 400 Days. 400...
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Know the Staff: Christian Cain

Know the Staff is a new ongoing series of short introductions of the Entertainium staff, new and old. To start things off, we invited our very own fighting game expert and features writer Christian Cain to the mound! Hey there! My name is Christian, but most people know in the...
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So You Want to Be a Fighting Gamer

Making the transition from playing fighting games at home with your friends or only online into your local fighting scene can be extremely intimidating. I made the transition myself back in 2009, and I could easily say the first day I stepped into Super Arcade‘s Wednesday Night Fights, a weekly...
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