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You don’t need a beast of a computer to have a good time playing Monster Hunter World

In late January, Monster Hunter World already solidified its spot on my game of the year list, as I talked about in my review of its console version. Six months later, we’re finally getting to play the PC port, and to all intents and purposes, it’s looking like it’s the...
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E3 2018 – Team 17’s indie lineup continues to impress

Team 17’s had one of the more consistent lineups year after year. Their electric mix of games always provides some fun surprises (such as the excellent Yoku’s Island Express last year), which makes it a worthwhile visit year after year. Here’s what we played: Overcooked 2 I love a good...
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Chuchel and No Heroes Here were some of my highlights from this year’s BIG Festival

It’s always a blast to go to any gaming event, really. That’s even more true when one takes place half an hour away from where I live and it happens to be as great as BIG Festival. This year’s edition was especially good, full of incredibly inventive indie games on...
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