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A chat with Space Mace about Joggernauts

For as popular as local multiplayer games are these days, it feels like the competitive variety far outnumbers the cooperative sort. Space Mace, a small indie studio based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, feels that the local multiplayer scene could use more cooperative games. The studio has made them their focus,...
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Embers of Mirrim starts off strong, but is ultimately undone by its own mechanics

Earlier this year when I reviewed Flywrench, I talked about how, despite being unable to finish the game, I still came away from it feeling positive. How it being so difficult that I eventually was physically incapable of meeting its demands would usually leave me frustrated, but instead left me...
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Drifting Lands is a solid shooter that unfortunately dissolves into a numbers game

Shoot-‘em-ups are often known for being ridiculous, both in difficulty and the sheer chaos that erupts on-screen. That’s largely been the draw of such games, such that an entire sub-genre by the name “bullet-hell” exists. Problem is most of those shooters are too difficult for many folks (myself included, despite...
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