Category: E3 2017

From E3 2017: Hunt: Showdown puts a competitive spin on monster hunting

With so many multiplayer shooters available these days, developers have to work hard to make them stand out. Crytek’s latest project, Hunt: Showdown, looks to do just that. Set in the late Victorian-era, Hunt is a competitive monster hunting first-person shooter where up to five teams of two work to...
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From E3 2017: Aquanox: Deep Descent looks like a promising revival

THQ Nordic has been making a habit of reviving old franchises recently. With the announcement of Darksiders 3 in May, the release of older games in the THQ library like de Blob to Steam, and now picking up the Kickstarted revival of Aquanox, the company seems to have an interest...
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From E3 2017: The MIX

Every year since 2014, the Media Indie Exchange has brought a litany of interesting indie games to showcase alongside E3. Every year we’ve attended has been an absolute delight, presenting a great opportunity to see games we might not have otherwise seen, as well as a chance to catch up...
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