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Hearthstone: A great, fundamentally broken game

As 2017 marches through August and into September, Hearthstone has just experienced the launch of its sixth expansion in three years. Since March 2014 when the game originally released, it has been regularly supported with the launch of new cards sets and occasional single-player adventures. I’ve played Hearthstone semi-regularly throughout...
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A Normal Lost Phone grapples with some interesting topics, but falters along the way

With how much personal data cell phones carry these days, the thought of losing one is terrifying. There’s a lot of damage one can do with even just a bit of access to someone’s life. With full access? I don’t even want to think about it. A Normal Lost Phone...
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Batman: A Telltale Series Episode Three Review – A little bit of everything

The third episode in Telltale’s take on Batman manages to cram just a little bit of everything that’s associated to the caped crusader’s legacy, as well as add a few more layers to the studio’s own take of DC Comics’ icon’s mythos. The stage was set for Harvey Dent’s ascent...
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