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Batman: A Telltale Series Episode Three Review – A little bit of everything

The third episode in Telltale’s take on Batman manages to cram just a little bit of everything that’s associated to the caped crusader’s legacy, as well as add a few more layers to the studio’s own take of DC Comics’ icon’s mythos. The stage was set for Harvey Dent’s ascent...
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Thoth condenses twin-stick shooters into their most intense moments

It’s immediately apparent that Thoth was made by the same guy who created 140. Jeppe Carlsen’s unique aesthetic is front and center in Thoth, giving it that same air of surrealist minimalism that made 140 so stylish. Unlike his previous game, however, music isn’t the focus this time. Instead, it’s...
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Dex: Enhanced Edition Review – Knee deep in the past

In the current surge of nostalgia-filled games, it’s great when one of them so perfectly encapsulates the feel of 16-bit as well as Dex does. It feels especially like a Genesis/Mega Drive RPG platformer made in this day and age, from its graphics down to just how bogged down its pacing...
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