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Uncover an intergalactic mystery in The Station

Star Trek is one of my favourite science fiction universes. A galaxy where humanity has overcome nearly all petty national differences to establish a futuristic, utopian world without money, based on bettering each other and the rest of society. Earth represents just a part of the greater United Federation of...
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A Case of Distrust feels like a detective novel in videogame form

After so many years of text adventures languishing in relative obscurity, it’s great to see them start getting more attention thanks to works like 80 Days, Subsurface Circular, and more. Most of the recent examples excelled because of how they used the form in new and fascinating ways to help...
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InnerSpace is a leisurely flight through inverted worlds

Considering how widespread open ended exploration is in games these days, it’s odd how seldom flight is represented. Walking through tranquil meadows, sliding down sand dunes, scaling towers to admire the view from the top — for as enjoyable as ground-based exploration is, it’s well-worn territory. Whereas gliding through vast...
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