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E3 2015 – Praised be the Commander, there’s a new XCOM2 coming out

Hearing that there’s a new XCOM game in development wasn’t a surprise, but it was welcome news regardless. As a gigantic fan of the original, I’m extremely hopeful and was very much looking forward to taking its appointment at this year’s E3. The demo presented at 2K’s booth, which since then has...
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E3 2015 – Mad Max is the game you’ll want to be stuck in the desert for

This year’s E3 could be considered one of the biggest showings for fan favorite franchises to make a return. In Mad Max‘s case, 2015 has been a fantastic year so far. Fury Road, the first film in the franchise in almost thirty years, has gotten an amazing reception that’s helped pump up...
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E3 2015 – Remember that time Gandalf drove the Delorean across the yellow brick road? Yeah, LEGO Dimensions

Out of the many games we got to see at E3 2015, the one I took the most for granted was LEGO Dimensions. Surely it would be yet another Skylanders-styled collectible figurine game, but this time with a LEGO license tied to it, right? To my surprise, LEGO Dimensions didn’t feel like...
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