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Dark Souls Remastered is bar none the ultimate version of Dark Souls

Some names in gaming are iconic, and merely mentioning them is enough to recall a specific meaning that doesn’t require any further explanation. Games like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and StarCraft are some examples of these timeless classics. No name, however, has resonated more in the last...
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Relive the very best (and worst) of Street Fighter in the 30th Anniversary Collection

If there’s one thing Capcom has been known for over the years, it’s for having a knack for re-releasing their games. Be it with the numerous tweaked versions of Street Fighter II in the 1990s or the later enhanced ports of the original Resident Evil, it’s safe to say that...
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Vampyr might have a lot of sharp teeth, but it lacks bite

There are times when “throwing the kitchen sink in” works extremely well in games. Examples of that method of game design are aplenty, but the same can be said about the opposite, when putting too many systems into a game without honing any of them particularly well only makes it...
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