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Bokida: Heartfelt Reunion Review – Adjusting the contrast

One of the most striking scenes I encountered while playing Bokida: Heartfelt Reunion came from the beginning of the game’s third chapter. After wandering around its minimalist, monochrome world for hours, moving between its light and dark variants, I was greeted by an unexpected sight: color. Trees with bright red...
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Sniper Elite 4 Review – Clipping across Italia

At war, a sniper’s job is never truly over, and in case of Sniper Elite’s Karl Fairburne, taking out Nazis is the least of his troubles. After clearing the African front by teeth and bullet in Sniper Elite 3, the fourth entry in Rebellion’s venerable groin shooting franchise sees him...
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Thimbleweed Park Review – Feels just like home

Games have tried to play with fourth wall breaking ever since their inception, and for better or for worse, designers have continuously attempted to inject interactivity between characters and players with varies degrees of success over the years. While it would be a disservice to creators Ron Gilbert and Gary...
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