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Pinball and platforming make a fantastic pairing in Yoku’s Island Express

In a time where genres are constantly blending together, it’s hard to feel excitement about them. But Yoku’s Island Express, a pinball game mixed with a Metroid-style platformer from developer Villa Gorilla, is one of those rare exceptions. It’s a delightfully charming and inventive game that seamlessly blends pinball and...
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Working hard and saving up can pay off big in Moonlighter

There shouldn’t be nothing more in life that pays off more than working hard, right? Wise people often say that regardless of how much work you put into something, if you don’t do it truthfully, it won’t matter in the end. But imagine yourself finding the line of work that...
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Shape of the World provides a beautiful, serene escape from our worldly troubles

I’m standing in a pond. The sky is a deep shade of purple, black trees with orange leaves sprouting up around me, framing the glowing monuments before me. Above, a whale gently soars through the air as long, fish-like creatures float by. The music, once pronounced and energetic, is now...
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