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The Wolf Among Us – Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing Review

We’re finally closing in on a resolution to The Wolf Among Us. While Episode 4 throws out a boat ton of answers, it lifts and spins a Titanic load of questions for good measure. Oh, and a pretty awesome fight too. Even with Bigsby on the mend after his beating...
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Daylight Review

Regardless of the fact that it shares its namesake with a weak mid-90s revival of a certain action star, Daylight surprisingly does a lot of the same that that movie did wrong. It’s part of a horror game revival movement that includes many similarly looking titles already, trying to stand...
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Trials Fusion Review

There’s a certain sense of accomplishment when you manage to finish a level in Trials Fusion without any faults. While it’s easy to breeze through the initial chunk of stages, it doesn’t take long before you are hitting the ‘redo’ button over and over again, all the while, your poor...
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