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From E3 2017: A look at Team 17’s coming lineup

Team 17’s been progressively becoming one of the more noteworthy publishers of indie games. Their E3 lineups consistently provide a variety of experiences, ensuring you can always count on a pleasant surprise or two. This year the company’s lineup ran the gamut from city builders and roguelikes to sandbox prisons...
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From E3 2017: Constructor’s set to swindle you for rent soon on Nintendo Switch

Nostalgia comes to mind whenever anyone mentions Constructor, a humorous team-based construction game released during the late 1990s on PC. Aside from SimCity, it was one of my most played city planners of the time. I’ve heard little of it since then, so it came to a surprise when I...
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From E3 2017: Daedalic turns toward the future with State of Mind

Given the current state of affairs in the world, it’s no surprise that a lot of stories set in the future depict dystopian societies. It helps too that there’s plenty of topics to explore that haven’t yet been mined for all they’re worth. State of Mind from Daedalic Entertainment is...
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