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A Robot Named Fight feels at odds with itself

A Robot Named Fight is a self-described “Metroguelite” — a Metroid-inspired roguelike with some light elements of persistent progression. It’s run-based, meaning the lay of the level changes every playthrough. On paper, that sounds like a solid idea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work. Mechanically, it’s good. The game wears its...
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A look at some of Devolver’s upcoming 2018 games

Devolver Digital hosted an event last night in São Paulo in order to show their new upcoming games to the local press. Among these games was The Swords of Ditto, which just came out yesterday, so be sure to check out my review. It was really neat to get to...
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Be born a hunter, die to be prey in The Deer God

The Deer God, a game that originally came out in 2015 and is now making its way to the Nintendo Switch, is a lot like 2012’s Tokyo Jungle. That is, they’re both about animal survival. But unlike SIE Japan Studio’s cult favorite, though, The Deer God is much more straightforward...
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