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Mad Max Review – An average day, I’d say.

Of all film franchises that have had any influence of videogames, the one that I can imagine have made the deepest contribution has got to be the Mad Max series. Games like Borderlands and The Last of Us have painted gorgeously distopic experiences, each on their own unique way, based...
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The Swindle Review – Pressed for time

Everything has led to this moment. The Devil’s Basilisk – the London police department’s most advanced AI system – lay before me. After countless heists and meticulous planning, I’d finally reached the end with 27 days to spare. I hack the Basilisk’s last layer of security, grab the metal heart...
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Batman: Arkham Knight Review – One bat too many

Rocksteady has finally put the conundrum they themselves created to bed. Their new Batman game, Arkham Knight, proves that there can be too many Batman games. Granted, they have been on a steady decline quality-wise ever since the original, fantastic Arkham Asylum, but the series is far from being considered...
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