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Life is Strange Review – Strange but beautiful

When it was originally released, the film Donnie Darko didn’t do very well. Opening in cinemas just a few months after 9/11, it only managed to recoup $500,000 in general release. However, over the next few years it slowly gathered a cult-following, and when the Director’s Cut was released in...
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Mega Man Legacy Collection Review – Welcome back, Blue Bomber

After all the drama with Keiji Inafune’s departure Capcom and the company’s apparent effort to drive the light away from his works as a result of it, the Mega Man franchise saw little in terms of releases, with a couple cameos here and there, but nothing substantial. Given the characters humongous...
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Blood Bowl 2 Review – Unnecessary roughness

Personally, American football has always been a double edged sword to me. On one of its sharp ends, it’s a sport that’s relatively easy to follow and understand, while on the other, the matches take way too long and their pacing is incredibly boring to me. So after hearing about the...
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