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The Technomancer Review – Whack of all trades

The Technomancer is a midgling game. It tries to chew much more than it can chew, and while it’s certainly ambitious, it’s a jack of all trades that’s more whacked in all of them than anything else. As a side title of sorts to Mars: War Logs, developer Spider’s newest title takes...
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Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok Review – Rocking out for chaos

As we move towards the conclusion of Hitman‘s first season — there are at least two more on the way, according to recent news from IO Interactive — one thing’s crystal clear: in his entire career, Agent 47 hasn’t been afraid to take any job, no matter the circumstances. Along...
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Batman: A Telltale Series Episode Two Review – Repercussions

Batman’s seasonal adventure continues with episode two, titled Children of Arkham, a much more tightly directed and faster paced entry than the premiere. It’s also one of the shortest segments Telltale has ever put out. Regardless, it manages to pack a generous portion of character development and drama in its short...
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