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Callum’s Top Games of 2017

It feels weird to celebrate how good a year 2017 was for videogames when it was a disaster in just about every other respect imaginable. It all feels so frivolous, you know? But then, given how truly awful and exhausting 2017 was, a distraction of any sort is exactly what we all need. I’ve tried to write my thoughts on 2017, but I feel like a lot of what I said in 2016 still applies. Things are bad, and they’re probably going to get worse before it gets better. For as difficult as 2016 was, 2017 was somehow worse. I expect 2018 will be the same. Much as I want to hope things will begin to turn — the constant tide of activism around the country has been a constant source of hope — I feel like we haven’t gotten far enough for it be...
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Gareth’s Top Games of 2017

If you’re reading this, give yourself a pat on the back for making it through 2017. It hasn’t been easy; a lot of the time it has been an uphill slog. And signs are 2018 isn’t likely to get a whole lot better. But we’re eventually going to get there, together, and along the way we’re going to play a load of fantastic video games. Here are my personal highlights from this year. Most Unique Game Everything Philosophy is something I like to imagine I know something about considering I did a degree in it, and Everything is a fascinating game examining the Buddhist-inspired philosophical outlook of British philosopher Alan Watts. With accompanying audio snippets of several lectures Watts gave, you explore a delightfully whimsical world where you can become more or less everything, from objects and animals to clouds, planets, germs and atoms. While...
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Eduardo’s Top Games of 2017

2017 has been a difficult year for everyone all over the world, and it seems like videogames picked up the pace and helped serve as an escape from all the insanity going on around us. So much so that it’s tough to point to only one game as my own personal favorite, but a few. There’s also a ton of stuff that came out this year that I still want to play, like Nier: Automata and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which are sitting neatly at the top of my pile. Looks like next year will be even crazier in both, world insanity and the quality of game releases — here’s hope we get more of the latter than the former. Here are my picks for 2017: Stories Untold What started like a timid exploration of what seemed like an indie revival of Zork turned into...
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