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A look at some of Devolver’s upcoming 2018 games

Devolver Digital hosted an event last night in São Paulo in order to show their new upcoming games to the local press. Among these games was The Swords of Ditto, which just came out yesterday, so be sure to check out my review. It was really neat to get to play with fellow writers and help show some of them the ropes. The general consensus was that Ditto does a fantastic job setting itself apart from its influence, Zelda. Another tidbit that came out of playing through a big chunk of the game cooperatively is that it’s indeed chaotic and a whole lot fun, not to mention much more manageable to get further into it. One playthrough in particular almost got us to the final boss, but we ended up dropping it in favor of trying some of the other games being shown (and to...
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The Swords of Ditto is a loving homage to Link to the Past, but with a smart twist

There are few games out there that manage to pay homage to classic retro titles without going out of their way to be too much like their inspiration. The Swords of Ditto is quite the opposite. It lovingly pays respect to Zelda, most especially A Link to the Past, but it manages to do so while still being its own game, thanks to a brilliant little twist. Every hundred years, an evil witch named Mormo threatens the land of Ditto, a fantasy world that loves toys, junk food and kazoos. It’s up to a hero to pick up the sword and do the ultimate deed, but the thing is, he or she only has one shot at winning. Every time they die, the land falls into the witch’s clutches for another hundred years until another sword of Ditto rises again. That’s right: The Swords of Ditto is...
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God of War is a fantastic reinvention of the series

It’s not easy being a god, and apparently making a game about being one isn’t either. Over the years, the God of War franchise, which started out as one of the landmark franchises for Sony’s consoles and portables, eventually turned stale. After its last entry, 2012’s God of War: Ascension, the franchise went into slumber, with little to no news in regards to its future up until E3 2015, when a trailer for a new game was shown during Sony’s press conference. Since then, we’ve gotten scarce details in regards to it, other than the setting, which takes Kratos from his homeland of Greece to the distant and chilling Nordic kingdoms, and that he would have a son following him along for the ride. Other than that, not a whole lot. Having played through the game over the span of three days, I can safely...
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