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Primordia Review

Imagine a world where humans have wiped themselves out through war, and that they have been gone for so long, that their creations, robots, have built a society of their own and are now making the same mistakes as their masters. Sounds familiar? At first, the concept for Primordia is common ground, but it quickly grows beyond such cliché into a touching story about self discovery, important decisions and their consequences. Primordia begins in the middle of the desert, inside what looks to be an abandoned ship. A robot named Horatio and his companion, a flying dome called Crispin live there. They are junk pickers and are content to making their living finding scrap in the wasteland, when suddenly they are attacked by a hulking robot who takes their only power source away. Forced to look for alternatives, the pair is out to explore the...
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Hitman: Absolution Review

Agent 47 has had it rough over the years. Rougher than any genetically-engineered professional assassin could ever come to expect. Missions have taken him just about everywhere in the world, almost everyone he has ever met either tried to kill him or was supposed to be offed as a contract and now, in Hitman: Absolution, the fifth game in the venerable series, he is tasked with ending the life of the only person who he has ever come close to caring in his life, Diana Burnwood, his former handler and in a way, the only person he could consider a friend in his dangerous lifestyle. Absolution begins on that very mission, which acts as a tutorial of sorts for the game. Hitman, as the name implies, is all about taking down targets as quietly and carefully as you can (or as chaotically, if you so...
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We Are Living in a Post THQ Bundle World

The organic liveform that is Humble Bundle has just grown yet another branch. This time, their actions may or may not have been enough to help out a struggling publisher. There are some complaints though. Was this even worth it after all? The recently ended Humble Bundle was a special one indeed: it featured games from well-known publisher THQ, . To be frank, the $5.76 average purchase price is quite low considering the ridiculous amounts of content available – nine(!) AAA titles plus a DLC for Red Faction: Armageddon. It has made over 5 million dollars total, which, mind you, will be divided between charity, THQ and Humble Bundle itself based on the buyers’ choices in contributions. So all in all, probably not the greatest financial first-aid kit for the California-based publisher. I think we, the consumers have had a fantastic opportunity here, this was...
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