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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Review

Bringing XCOM to the third-person, tactical shooter realm seemed like a solid idea. A more action-y XCOM isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as the series’ trademark strategy remained in place. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified makes a strong effort to deliver on this premise, bringing all the staples of the series including the ever popular “permadeath,” along with plenty of focus on tactics. It even plays reasonably well, too. Only, despite its struggles, this is XCOM in name alone. Set in 1962, you play as William Carter, a CIA agent who finds himself swept up in a war against alien forces. The story goes that the government has suspected extraterrestrial activity for some time, the discovery of a new element known as Elerium fueling their suspicions. As such, hoping to learn more about the enemy, Carter was charged with delivering an alien artifact for...
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Entertainium Extra: 2DS announced, Wii U getting a price cut, and suspicious Ouya game Kickstarters

Hello, and welcome to Entertainium Extra! Our  weekly news round-up feature highlighting some of the bigger, interesting, or just plain weird stories from the past week. This week saw Nintendo make a couple of announcements in regard to the 3DS and Wii U – one getting a new hardware revision, the other a price cut – as well as some strange Kickstarter business going down with the Ouya. Gonna be a long one today, so let’s get started. Nintendo announces the 2DS, an entry level 3DS launching October 12 On Wednesday, Nintendo announced a new hardware revision for the 3DS: the 2DS. Described as an entry-level system, the 2DS drops the clamshell design of its brethren in favor a tablet-esque look (were said tablet designed by Fisher Price) along with the 3D functionality, hence the name. Because it only displays 2D images. The system launches...
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Entertainium Update – Spelunky on PS3/Vita

Spelunky has finally made its way from Xbox 360 to both the PC and PlayStation 3/Vita as a cross-buy title, as in you buy it for whatever system and you get both versions of the game for Sony platforms. We’ve already reviewed the game back on release last year, but it’s a good idea to jump back into it and update you on whether or not these new versions of the game are worth it. In case you haven’t read the original write-up on it, here’s a catch up from the review: “Much like its similarly named cousin, the often misunderstood and brutally difficult classic NES game  Spelunker, Spelunky is all about treasure, fame and glory. Armed with nothing more than a whip, a handful of bombs, a short supply of climbing rope and four lives (read: attempts) it’s up to you and your little explorer...
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