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E3 2013 – The Walking Dead: 400 Days Preview

There’s no doubt Telltale’s The Walking Dead series left a mark in adventure gaming, so it’s no surprise season two is well under way. What’s surprising, though, is that for the first time ever, there will be a downloadable pack bridging both seasons, dubbed The Walking Dead: 400 Days. 400 Days references the first 400 days of the undead outbreak, in which the DLC’s story arch takes place. Five characters divide this episode, each approaching the story in a different point in time, within the 400 days. The E3 demo took place during the first couple of days of chaos, following a group of prisoners awaiting transfer. What followed was a series of events that not only left the audience wondering what would come next, and just as shocked, not only at Telltale’s decisions during gameplay, which matter now just as much as the original’s,...
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E3 2013 – Transistor Hands-on Preview

Red was a star. Now she’s a target. After a failed assassination attempt on her life, Red finds herself on the run. The city has turned on her, its automated defenses in relentless pursuit. Red’s only ally now is a talking sword – the very same used to try assassinate her. Transistor is the newest game from Supergiant Games, makers of the marvelous Bastion from 2011, and is quite the departure. Where Bastion was bright and fantastical, Transistor is dark and tense – at least thematically. The artistic stylings of the studio remain in effect, presenting the unwelcoming and mysterious metropolis of Cloudbank gloriously. But the city holds many sinister secrets, and Red’s going to expose them. The demo opens with Red, clad in a fancy gold dress, presumably having just escaped an encounter with her would-be killers. Afraid and exhausted, she breathes heavily, her...
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E3 2013 – Dark Souls 2 Hands-on Preview

Namco Bandai wanted one thing very clear about Dark Souls 2: Nothing is changing. All that talk of accessibility and broadening the audience? Forget it. Easy mode? Not happening. If anything, Dark Souls 2 looks to be far harder than both its predecessors combined. And from what I played, that’s certainly the case. The appointment was split into two parts: a hands-off walkthrough of the PC version, and a hands-on demo with the PlayStation 3 version. The demo began by allowing a choice between four classes: Warrior, Sorcerer, Temple Knight, and Dual-Wielder. The full game won’t have any pre-set classes, however, instead opting for a generator that allows full customization of your character, stats and all. Our demonstrator chose the Dual-Wielder first to showcase the game’s new, proper dual-wielding mechanics. In previous Souls games, dual-wielding barely existed. It was technically available, but hardly viable, unable...
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