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Race The Sun Preview

Race The Sun is a sort of open-world take on the endless runner. In it, you control a solar powered hover-craft and attempt to collect as many tris – blue, wireframe pyramids – as you can to get the highest score possible before the sun sets. The game is currently in open beta, so I decided to check it out, and so far Race The Sun’s looking like a winner. Race The Sun has only one main track, but with a catch: every 24 hours, it remakes itself. Procedurally generated levels provide a constant challenge, everything from the lay of the land to the placement of tris changing with each regeneration. User-created levels are available as well for a change of pace. The expanses before you are endless, always generating a new region (consider them stages within the larger level) to race through until you...
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A Look At: Runner 2’s Good Friends Character Pack

Most downloadable content is too miniscule to devote a complete review to. But sometimes we still want to highlight such an add-on or two. Thus, A Look At: a sort of mini-review/impressions piece or whatever term you prefer for when we wish to highlight DLC, general post-release updates for games (say, Monaco’s recent level editor), or whatever else we decide this thing is applicable toward. We’ll see. Our debut article takes a look at the recent character pack add-on for Gaijin Games’ excellent Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2. Enjoy! It’s not uncommon for indie games to share characters with one another. Super Meat Boy, for example, borrowed from all sorts of games to fill its character roster, from blockbusters like Braid’s Tim to obscurities like Flywrench’s… Flywrench. Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien has decided to joined the fun, it’s recent Good Friends...
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Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark Review

Stealth and time trials are hardly a proper pairing. Steady, methodical play dominates the stealth game genre, punishing players for attempting to rush even slightly. Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark from Curve Studios tries to balance the two, placing an emphasis on barreling through stages at breakneck speeds while still maintaining that rigid, no room for error style of design that makes stealth so damn tough and intoxicating. And it works – for the most part. (It should be noted that Stealth Inc. is an enhanced port of the PC game Stealth Bastard, specifically the improved Deluxe version also developed by Curve Studios. All the content is the same between them, Stealth Inc. sporting better visuals being the main difference. If you’ve played Stealth Bastard Deluxe already, there’s nothing new here.) Stealth Inc. puts you in control of one of many clones created...
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