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The Novelist Review

Games often deal in choice and consequence, though rarely do so grounded in reality or make the options so seemingly small and simple. Usually it’s in some sort of fantastical setting with the choices being some extreme form of “good” and “bad,” nary a grey area in sight. Hardly riveting, let alone something to get invested in. The Novelist does just the opposite. It’s set in reality following a struggling writer and his family over the course of a single summer, your job to influence his actions and ultimately decide the fate of his writing career and the well-being of his loved-ones. It’s a deeply profound story, rife with introspection and very tough decisions, which The Novelist carefully weaves together to create a story that’s greatly impacted by your actions. It follows the Kaplan family, specifically Dan Kaplan, the titular novelist. He along with his wife Linda, and...
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Eduardo’s 2013 List… Thing

2013 was an eventual year for me in my personal life. It was very tough to really think about games in a moment in my life where I found it incredibly difficult to appreciate games as anything other than being a distilled distraction and escape. Still… life moves on no matter what and I’m managing to get back to enjoying gaming. I’m terrible at making lists. I just hate aggregating numbers to anything – that’s why I hate adding scores to reviews. With that in mind, do try and be patient while I do my favorites list a little bit differently; it’s in a very stream of consciousness kind of presentation, one that if you’ve been reading Entertainium for a while, you’d probably come to expect from me. So here we go… My favorite indie game… that involved fighting games in some way: GUACAMELEE I’ve been...
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Steam OS could be getting exclusives after all

Valve’s currently holding an event in Seattle called Steam Dev Days. It’s supposed to be an off the record event for developers to  talk shop and get to try out the Steam Machines and OS. Of course, that hasn’t stopped anyone from tweeting out interesting tidbits from the talks Valve’s been holding at the event. Of note are a couple comments about exclusive Steam OS software looking like a very probable prospect. According to attendees, “there will certainly be experiences on Steam Machines that won’t be available anywhere else” and that such exclusives “will be natural and not forced.” This all comes after Valve has stated they won’t produce any such exclusive games for their operating system, though, so the onus is entirely on other developers to make the call. This could be the point where the point of Steam Machine’s becomes clear, especially as the...
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