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Poker Night 2 Review

Back in 2010, Poker Night at the Inventory surprised us by combining some of gaming’s iconic characters into an amusingly light-hearted little poker game. The funny dialogue was worth the price of admission, even if the standard Texas hold ‘em didn’t enthral. This year, Poker Night 2 hopes to divert your attention again by introducing you to another quartet of characters vying to bleed you dry of virtual greenbacks. Poker Night 2 succeeds in terms of its personality, charm, and wit, being equally as entertaining as the first game. However, the poker aspect feels just as weak and underdeveloped as before and even the introduction of a different game mode doesn’t help much. Poker Night 2 will keep you engaged for as long as the witty dialogue holds out, but when the conversations start repeating, you’ll invariably turn elsewhere. Poker Night 2 once again takes...
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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

Ridiculous is a word I could easily associate to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Although at first, that word might bring a negative light to anything it’s tied to, no other comes close to more aptly describing Revengeance. It’s ridiculously gory. Ridiculously over the top. It’s ridiculously fun, although it can get ridiculously frustrating at spots. Metal Gear Rising is Platinum Games’ answer to what a Metal Gear game would be like if it didn’t rely on stealth mechanics and instead focused on just being plain crazy. Platinum already had a sizeable list of bat shit insane games that includes and is not limited to Bayonetta, so I’m not particularly surprised that Revengeance turned out so well. Guns of the Patriots had already completely remolded Raiden into what was expected to appease fans who hated him in Metal Gear Solid 2, although they never got to...
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Spoilerific Staff Talk: Bioshock Infinite – Part III

Welcome back yet again to Entertainium’s group discussion of Bioshock Infinite. We’re close to the end now, as we approach the subject of morality and close things off by sharing our final thoughts about the game.  Once more: Spoilers, proceed with caution, yadda yadda yadda. You know the drill. Part III: Let’s move on to morality. How did you like Infinite’s approach to it? Did you steal right away? What was your first choice at the fairgrounds? Callum: I threw the ball at the announcer. No way was I going to attack an innocent couple. Only wish the ball made contact… Tried to avoid stealing. Already drew the ire of the entire city’s military. Didn’t need the locals getting on my back for being a thief. Lost out on a fusion jar (or whatever they are) and some gear, but no big deal. Better that...
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