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E3 2013 – Murdered: Soul Suspect Preview

It’s easy to point out clichés in any sort of media. Videogames are no different. Putting ghosts and a murder mystery is what Murdered: Soul Suspect is all about. Taking place in Salem, Murdered stars detective Ronan O’Connor. Unluckily for Ronan, things aren’t looking up for him. He was just killed. While death is usually a point of restarting a game, though, it’s only the starting point in Soul Suspect. O’Connor isn’t the type of letting the dust settle and even in death, for bizarre circumstances, his spirit is out and about in the corporeal world to find out just what the hell happened. As a third person action adventure game, Murdered centers around discovering why Ronan was killed and just who was behind it, as well as giving a hand to his former police colleagues investigating his murder. In order to uncover the turth,...
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E3 2013 – D4 Preview

One of the bigger surprises from Microsoft’s E3 press conference was the unveiling of Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro’s (of Deadly Premonition fame) new game D4, for Xbox One. An episodic murder mystery, D4 follows a private detective with the strange ability to travel back in time by touching certain mementos.  The game sports a cel-shaded art style and all the usual crazy characters one would expect from the cult-favorite developer. The demonstration with the detective waking to find himself on a plane, a monologue exploring a bit of his background. Apparently, he gave up his memories for the ability to jump through time, currently searching for a way to jump to when his wife was murdered. D4 is a story-focused game. Play is minimal, automatically moving between scenes to allow players to sit back, cook some popcorn, and enjoy the ride. D4 uses Kinect primarily in...
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The Last of Us Review

I would be a fool, a liar, and a contrarian lout to point fingers at the landscape of reviewers, snarl angrily, and with a nasally voice shout that The Last of Us isn’t a damn good game. It is. But I would also be a fool, a liar, and a conformist hack to say that it deserves a perfect score. It’s not perfect, despite the exceedingly stellar visuals, the interesting crafting system, and the wonderful pacing. Pabst Blue Ribbon hadn’t yet kissed my lips, but I’m not one to agree with such aggressive pandering that The Last of Us is the Citizen Kane of gaming, that Joel is some grizzled Orson Welles, and Ellie is some foul-mouthed sled. Sorry, I’m being rude. I can understand why the game is given a streak of 10s and almost 10s. I can understand why the unified joy of...
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