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Guacamelee Review

Very few games can push you to the brink of frustration and instantly reward you with oozing charm and personality as much as Guacamelee, a new lucha libre styled brawler set in a fantasy land based on Mexican folklore and internet memes. Juan, a recently deceased farmer who was turned into supernatural luchador is given quest to rid the land of a satanic bull fighter. Along the way, he acquires new fighting powers that are used to make further progress and allow him to explore the furthest reaches of the map. That familiarity with some traditional videogame franchises only goes so far, though. Guacamelee throws in its unique flavor into the mix by making brilliant use of brawling and combo fighting in between extremely difficult and sometimes infuriating platforming sections. Guacamelee‘s fighting system is easy to grasp. Face buttons correspond to punching, grappling and special powers....
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Know the Staff: Christian Cain

Know the Staff is a new ongoing series of short introductions of the Entertainium staff, new and old. To start things off, we invited our very own fighting game expert and features writer Christian Cain to the mound! Hey there! My name is Christian, but most people know in the fighting game community me as ETR. Since I’ll be doing some fighting game articles for Entertainium I figured it would be best to introduce myself and a bit of my fighting game background so everyone has a good idea where I come from within the community… and you know, maybe take my advice seriously. I began my competitive career in 2009 with Street Fighter 4, when I picked it up a few months after it hit consoles. Not being a great fighting game player or fan while growing up- and frankly I hated Street Fighter 2...
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Spoilerific Staff Talk: Bioshock Infinite – Part I

BioShock Infinite is one of those rare games that’s ripe for discussion as soon as you put your controller down after finishing it. It gets people talking, both for its gameplay, narrative, and everything in between, really. Many words have been written on just about every facet. Those discussions have been continuously progressing and evolving as time goes on, and as more people finish the game and experience its riveting conclusion. Instead of posting a traditionally styled review, we at Entertainium have been chatting about having a different approach to BioShock Infinite. Sitting down and chatting about our entire experience with the game as a group sounded like a whole lot of fun. So joining in the conversation is senior editor Eduardo Rebouças, fellow editor Callum Rakestraw and contributors Andrew Lim and Gareth Brading. Everyone’s grabbing their voxaphones, if you will, to talk about Bioshock...
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