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Fez Review

In 1884, a schoolmaster in England called Edwin A. Abbott wrote a short novel called “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions”. In it, he imagined a world inhabited by purely two-dimensional creatures, which lived their lives not knowing the existence of depth. Fez takes a few cues from Flatland in its initial premise, but instead of a sphere introducing protagonist Gomez to the third dimension, it’s an enigmatic cube called the Hexahedron. The cube bestows upon Gomez a magical fez which allows him to bend the fabric of reality and see what was previously hidden; the ultimate knowledge of 3D. Shortly afterward, however, the Hexahedron mysteriously explodes into 64 pieces, and thus it falls to Gomez to find them. This is the story of Fez in a nutshell. Fez is a gorgeous game with a lot of heart which uses its primary mechanic of shifting...
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Metro: Last Light Review

Crawling through the murky tunnels of the Russian metro system never ceases to terrify. Growls and footsteps echo through the deafening silence as darkness enshrouds the area, keeping you on constant guard. Monsters lurk all over, always stalking you extensively before striking. A flashlight and lighter are your only means of illuminating the shadows, their paltry shine a small comfort against the horrors that prowl. Based off the series of novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro: Last Light from 4A Games depicts a post-apocalyptic Russia after its citizenry was forced underground following a devastating nuclear war. Society barely holds itself together, factions fighting over what scraps remain in the metro, whilst mutants run wild on the uninhabitable surface and through abandoned halls. It’s a treacherous world out there, but a fascinating one to explore. Metro: Last Light follows Artyom, a soldier of a group known as...
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Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall Review

Knife of Dunwall is the downloadable content for Dishonored that we’ve all been waiting for. Expanding Dishonored‘s story further, Knife of Dunwall tells the tale of Daud, the master assassin who took the Empress’ life and was part of the coupe d’état that put Corvo in jail and turned the city into further turmoil. The DLC begins as Daud starts to regret his actions, as life in Dunwall soon turns even worse for his merry band of darkly dressed masked killers, with former allies turning coats. His only hope of redemption is cutting an even bigger hole into the conspiracy that took place within Dunwall by crippling vital supply lines and contacting a mysterious figure only known as Delilah. As yet another man touched by the Outsider, Daud also has a few tricks of his own in terms of powers. Like Corvo, he can zip...
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