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Spelunky Review

There hasn’t been a game as frustratingly charming as Spelunky in quite a while. This high definition remake of the free internet sensation developed by Derek Yu is incredibly deep in almost every sense of the word. Just be ready to die a lot if you choose to play Spelunky. It’s not for the faint of heart nor for those who are looking for a cake walk and give up at the first sign of frustration, but if you do stick with it, you’ll be in for an immensely rewarding experience. Much like its similarly named cousin, the often misunderstood and brutally difficult classic NES game  Spelunker,Spelunky is all about treasure, fame and glory. Armed with nothing more than a whip, a handful of bombs, a short supply of climbing rope and four lives (read: attempts) it’s up to you and your little explorer guy to make it to...
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Retro City Rampage Review

After the dust subsided in the great video game crash of 1983, a new era arose from the ashes with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. Gaming became cool. Everyone had an NES. Brothers and sisters played it together, friends came over to play, and even mom and dad played from time to time. Wonky marketing images of overly happy families playing in the living room together were a big thing during 80s advertising, but they weren’t too far from the truth. There was something special about growing up during the life cycle of the NES. If you grew up with the NES, then you were lucky enough to experience the Nintendo vs. Sega war during the 16-bit generation. No one seemed to really know what bits were, but it held great weight in arguments. The time of the NES was a...
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Hotline Miami Review

If Hotline Miami came out in the 90s, it would not have needed the PR-stirred hype that the original Grand Theft Auto (you know, the top-down one with all the over-the-top gore) went for in order to gain media attention. This thing is bloody, challenging, bloody, murderous, bloody, and dare I say, original. It’s basically a Super Meat Boy-esque murder simulator set in an alternative 1989 Miami full of animal masks and psychotic episodes. Sounds like my cup of tea, but is it anything like what you’re interested in? The game starts with a very short tutorial level in an unspecified location. The very first line of dialog comes from a green-eyed hobo who tells you that he’s going to teach you how to kill people. After maiming three individuals with different weapons (hands, baseball bat, shotgun), the tutorial ends. You are then thrown into a surreal...
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