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Entertainium Update – Spelunky on PS3/Vita

Spelunky has finally made its way from Xbox 360 to both the PC and PlayStation 3/Vita as a cross-buy title, as in you buy it for whatever system and you get both versions of the game for Sony platforms. We’ve already reviewed the game back on release last year, but it’s a good idea to jump back into it and update you on whether or not these new versions of the game are worth it. In case you haven’t read the original write-up on it, here’s a catch up from the review: “Much like its similarly named cousin, the often misunderstood and brutally difficult classic NES game  Spelunker, Spelunky is all about treasure, fame and glory. Armed with nothing more than a whip, a handful of bombs, a short supply of climbing rope and four lives (read: attempts) it’s up to you and your little explorer...
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Divekick Review

The concept for Divekick started out as a joke among members of the fighting game community last year. It was mostly a satirical take at how fighting games could be distilled into a simple set of rounds with one-hit-kill duels, only make use of two buttons and still be pretty exciting. Fast forward a year or so, and we got an actual commercial release of Divekick, incredibly enough. While the basic concept of one-hit fights is still the main draw for Divekick, the gameplay has grown into something a little more complex than what was once teased and shown at fighting game competitions and gaming events like Evolution, Final Round and PAX last year. The two main characters first shown in the demo then, Dive and Kick — Divekick‘s own Ryu and Ken duo — remain basically the same. They play in a manner that...
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Race the Sun Review

As far as endless runners (or “racer,” in this case) go, Race the Sun from developer Flippfly is one of the more intriguing ones. It places emphasis on user-created content, melding player-made levels with the main-game attractions marvelously. Minimalist design that extends beyond mere aesthetics create strong, blistering play, tightly packed levels providing challenge steadily without feeling overbearing. What begins as just another basic endless runner very quickly grows into something far bigger. Race the Sun brings forth a ton of fun and delivers a splendid take on a crowded genre. You pilot a solar-powered craft speeding through a never-ending expanse. Collecting tris – vector-line pyramids – is the game, your job to grab as many as possible while avoiding the myriad obstacles that make up the geometry until either the sun sets or you crash. Points are earned through a mixture of distance traveled...
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