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Spoilerific Staff Talk: Bioshock Infinite – Part II

Welcome back to our group discussion of Bioshock Infinite. If you missed us last time, fret not! You can find the first part of this article by clicking here. Right now we’re giving the story a minor break, as we move on to talking about Infinite’s gameplay, from the use of Vigors, this game’s version of Tonics and gun combat in general, to some of the more controversial moral decisions you could take during the game. Remember: possible spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk! Part II: Moving on to gameplay! This is Bioshock we’re talking about! Is it any good? Eduardo: Let’s touch on gameplay. What did you guys think? I personally thought the gameplay was okay… for the most part. I’m a big fan of Bioshock 2 and I felt like Infinite took a bigger cue from that particular game than the first Bioshock...
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Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine Review

In the process in reviewing Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, I was unable to finish it. The final levels proved too difficult. I spent hours trying to finish just one of those last stages only to fail every time just on the cusp of victory. I had reached my limit; it was devastating. But also some of the most exhilarating moments in all of Monaco. Never have I felt so stressed, so desperate to win. Every bit of progress I made elicited a huge sigh of relief; at the end of a level, I could feel the anxiety fade. The intensity was palpable. It was incredible. Monaco is a two-dimensional, isometric, tough-as-nails cooperative heist game where every instance varies greatly. Random generation of coins and guard locations make every attempt new and unexpected, always foiling any carefully formulated plans you construct. Whether alone or a...
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Guacamelee Review

Very few games can push you to the brink of frustration and instantly reward you with oozing charm and personality as much as Guacamelee, a new lucha libre styled brawler set in a fantasy land based on Mexican folklore and internet memes. Juan, a recently deceased farmer who was turned into supernatural luchador is given quest to rid the land of a satanic bull fighter. Along the way, he acquires new fighting powers that are used to make further progress and allow him to explore the furthest reaches of the map. That familiarity with some traditional videogame franchises only goes so far, though. Guacamelee throws in its unique flavor into the mix by making brilliant use of brawling and combo fighting in between extremely difficult and sometimes infuriating platforming sections. Guacamelee‘s fighting system is easy to grasp. Face buttons correspond to punching, grappling and special powers....
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