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Resident Evil 6 Review

Resident Evil 6 is without a doubt, a terrible, rotten, no good, very bad game. Its an over-produced attempt to please everyone while pleasing no one, lavishly crafted yet inherently diseased video game.  There was never any momentum within the story or the gameplay that could provide anything more than a short, fleeting moment of mediocre enjoyment. Resident Evil 6 is Resident Evil in name only. The game has become almost completely unrecognizable to fans of the series, save for a few characters and the now archaic, rehashed, and uninspired plot points. The core gameplay has changed so dramatically to try to cater to a wider, Call of Duty, Gears of War playing, Western audience, yet it can’t create an experience comparable to the titles it attempts to emulate. Resident Evil is no longer a survival-horror franchise– its a third person action shooter–and a terrible one at that. Players unfamiliar with the series and die hard fans alike should simply...
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The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner

The end is close. The video game incarnation of the Walking Dead is heading to a dramatic finale. In many ways, the episode, “Around Every Corner”, is comprised of many player choices that set up the climax that will occur in the upcoming fifth and final episode. For the uninitiated, The Walking Dead plays like a mix of previous Telltale Games adventure titles – you move a cursor over elements on screen to examine and interact with them, all while having direct control over your character’s movement. Certain portions consist of quick time events in which the player is locked in place and must press specific buttons rapidly. These are the few cases when you can actually fail and find yourself staring at a game over screen. Other than these more intense moments, the main draw to The Walking Dead is how your decisions influence the overall direction of...
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FTL Review

These are the voyages of the starship Kestrel. Its mission: to bring vital data back to the last Federation fleet. Unfortunately for the Federation the Kestrel is currently adrift in space with the last of its crew valiantly trying to repair the life support as they slowly suffocate.This is a rather common story for your ship and your crew in Faster Than Light, the new spaceflight simulator game with RPG elements developed by Subset Games. FTL has received increased attention because it is an indie game created Subset’s two developers, Matthew Davis and Justin Ma, who received all of their funding through private donations on In the impressive effort from the two men the player controls a ship and it’s crew as it jumps through eight space sectors. After each faster-than-light jump (thus, FTL) players will encounter space battles, marauding pirates or patrolling rebel scouts amidst the...
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