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Dustforce Review

Dustforce is about cleaning in the most stylish, productive way possible. As one of four acrobatic janitors, this seemingly simple concept transforms into an exercise of patience, skill, and frustration. It demands you learn the nuance of movement, the pin-point accuracy in timing button/key presses, the idiosyncrasies of each character. It’s a long, hard road, but stick with it and you’ll find a fantastically addictive, leaderboard chasing good time. Dustforce wastes no time in getting to the action. After a flashy intro sequence, you’re immediately placed into the Nexus — the main hub — to begin work. You’re given little direction, the only useful piece of guidance being the tutorial. It introduces you to the basics, explaining the core functions of the game in a splendidly succinct manner. Locals of each sub-hub drop hints unsolicited, but they’re typically of little use after an hour of play. The...
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The Haunting Brilliance of Demon’s Souls’ Music

Demon’s Souls is a game of little music. For the greater part of its long, trying journey, you hear next to nothing. The sounds of the environment control the aural, granting an unnerving glimpse at what lies ahead through footsteps, growls, screams, and clanging metal. Yet despite its absence from the spotlight, the music is what stands out. Demon’s Souls‘ score is understated. Its goal is to set atmosphere and terror. The dark, drab tone of the world casts a suffocating sense of dread and unease, which the game’s few arrangements reinforce heavily by limiting their use and avoiding an abundance of bombastic compositions. In battle, its soundtrack maintains a low, steady hum. It eschews fast, hard-hitting beats to avoid playing up its bosses’ strengths — contrary to most games. Traditionally, games make out boss battles to be grand encounters, invoking a “let’s do this!”...
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