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Marvel Pinball: Civil War Review

Combining two ridiculously different things into a new, better and more delicious product isn’t a common nowadays. In games, developers tend to stick with the tried and true formulas, rarely venturing outside their comfort zone. When they do, though, we usually get the best games. For instance, in the case of Zen Studios, the combination of two unassuming concepts like pinball and storytelling results in an unique twist to what could be considered a relic of the past. Granted, videogame pinball isn’t anything particularly new, but there’s something to be said about Marvel Pinball and its newest table, Civil War. The Civil War event that took place a few years ago put a wedge in between two superhero groups of the Marvel comic book universe due to a specific event involving ‘super beings’. One side of the conflict, led by Iron Man, was for a...
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Forza Horizon Rally Review

Rally racing is certainly not for the faint of heart. It’s one of the most dangerous forms of motorsports, for good reason – it’s unpredictable. A good navigator might have a meter long list of information about a certain course but a simple shift in climate is enough to change things completely. Such realism does not make its way to Forza Horizon‘s first substantial piece of downloadable content, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to play. Forza Horizon Rally adds offroad tracks and custom rally cars to what was an extremely busy game already,  although it takes away some of the features that made the core Forza Horizon experience feel so ‘free’. The first thing that you’ll notice after selecting ‘Rally out of the main Forza Horizon menu is that events can be selected and started off right away, without the need of...
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Persona 4 Golden Review

Persona 4 Golden appeals to two specific groups: those with a Playstation Vita looking for a solid port and those looking for an excuse to buy a Vita despite the handheld’s somewhat bare lineup. A glorified tribute to one of the Playstation 2’s last great JRPGs, Persona 4 Golden tweaks and extends Persona 4’s mechanics and story. For the most part, the changes are welcome. However, despite Persona 4 Golden’s careful treatment of its base material, its changes are somewhat shallow. Persona 4 Golden’s storyline is a slightly extended version of Persona 4. For those unfamiliar with Persona 4, the game goes through one year of a normal high school student (you). Moving to the sleepy, rural town of Inaba to live with your uncle and cousin, your arrival is shadowed by the shocking and grisly murder of an announcer woman recently outed for an...
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