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Spoilerific Staff Talk: Bioshock Infinite – Part III

Welcome back yet again to Entertainium’s group discussion of Bioshock Infinite. We’re close to the end now, as we approach the subject of morality and close things off by sharing our final thoughts about the game.  Once more: Spoilers, proceed with caution, yadda yadda yadda. You know the drill. Part III: Let’s move on to morality. How did you like Infinite’s approach to it? Did you steal right away? What was your first choice at the fairgrounds? Callum: I threw the ball at the announcer. No way was I going to attack an innocent couple. Only wish the ball made contact… Tried to avoid stealing. Already drew the ire of the entire city’s military. Didn’t need the locals getting on my back for being a thief. Lost out on a fusion jar (or whatever they are) and some gear, but no big deal. Better that...
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Thomas Was Alone Review

Thomas Was Alone tells a heartfelt tale of friendship. Developed by Mike Bithell (the PlayStation ports handled by Curve Studios), it follows a group of sentient artificial intelligences in the form of quadrilaterals as they attempt to escape – or rather, “emerge” – from their confines. It begins with Thomas, a newly formed AI longing for camaraderie, and a dozen other characters searching for purpose in their newfound lives, all working together to discover it. It’s a charming, wonderful, and surprisingly poignant story. Witty dialog and amusing narration deliver and push it forward splendidly, whilst warm and melancholic beats invoke the sense of loneliness and camaraderie that Thomas struggles with. Danny Wallace provides the voiceover, reading his lines wistfully and excitedly as the situation requires. Text scrawls kick off each new zone, containing allusions toward the effects of the AIs’ awakening from former employees of...
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The Sushi Spinnery Review

If I’ve learned anything from The Sushi Spinnery, it’s that I’m a woefully uncreative sushi chef and that sushi restaurants have schedules on par with Bangladeshi sweatshops. However, whether these lessons are an accurate representation of owning a sushi restaurant is another matter. The Sushi Spinnery is Kairosoft’s latest English-released management simulator for the iPhone. Most similar to Hot Springs Story, The Sushi Spinnery has you manage a piddling sushi restaurant that you must turn into a fish factory juggernaut. As the owner of the restaurant, you can hire chefs, enter competitions, create new recipes, build and modify the sushi conveyor belt(s), and decorate to your heart’s desire. The game is an exciting, colorful, vivid, and somewhat whimsical business simulator, more divorced from the tongue-in-cheek metahumor of Kairosoft’s earlier simulators Game Dev Story and Pocket Academy. Instead, The Sushi Spinnery sparkles with equal parts childish delight and kitsch. Part of The Sushi Spinnery’s major deviations from the older Kairosoft games is sushi coins. Second currency has always...
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