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A New Hope for Videogame Movies

The relationship between video games and movies is a rock one, to say the least. More often than not game-to-movie adaptions and game fans end up in bitter and unloving relationships that end in nasty divorce. However, just like real life, there is the exception to the rule. Films like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, or Hitman are at least watchable and have received lukewarm reception from the general public, even if they were just loose adaptions of the games. I get it though, it’s hard to stuff 6+ hours of gameplay into a two hour movie. But hey, I can still want more from my video game movies. Fortunately, it looks like Ubisoft is going to try and bridge the gap with the film adaption of Assassin’s Creed. Ubisoft has created Ubisoft Motion Pictures who will be handling their video game film adaptions. For the...
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Dishonored Review

You simply cannot believe how things have gotten to this point. Creeping in the shadows, under a raging thunderstorm, you begin to wonder why you are doing this. Your thoughts are suddenly put aside as you catch a glimpse of your target. He needs to die. On one hand, you could slip by security and stab him in the back. On the other, you could simply push him off the edge of the balcony he is so nonchalantly sitting on. Or, why not just give his rival a chance to get some revenge and not get your hands dirty? None the matter. You are here to succeed with your mission and time is of the essence. You clear your mind of doubts and dive into action. Decisions are the core of Dishonored, a first person stealth action game from Arkane Studios. Choices which you act out...
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Torchlight II Review

If I had to write a list of the most addicting games ever, Torchlight 2 would most definitely be at the top. Breaking Bad’s Walter White only dreams of concocting something that grabs your attention and free time as much as Runic Games’ latest offering. Hot in the heels of Diablo III’s release, Torchlight 2 manages to be ever better than its older cousin, at a much smaller price point. While it does feature its share of problems, it’s easily one of the most improved sequels I’ve played recently. I was worth the wait. And wait we did. Torchlight 2 went through a number of delays and information blackouts ever since its announcement. Runic brought the game to E3 2011, where I sat down with Doug and played it for an hour or so. It already showed great promise then. Sadly, it took the relatively...
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