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Splice Review

Beautiful, elegant, minimalist: those are the traits of Cipher Prime, makers of acclaimed puzzle games such as Auditorium. All of their works follows those three tenants, both in gameplay, visuals, and music. In Auditorium, you manipulated colored streams of sound that produce symphonic music once directed to corresponding canisters. A grey background and a few simple nodes emblazoned with symbols dictating what each node does – whether it be an arrow signaling the direction the stream will move in or shields heralding their reflection – were all that populated the scene. Simple visuals, gorgeous music, and overall graceful design: a perfect encapsulation of Cipher Prime’s philosophy. In Splice, you arrange cells to create sculptures. The scene, a softly colored, microbial ocean. Carefully placed white lines dot the area, outlining the structure, guiding your calculated alterations to the cellular figure. Calming piano notes fill the air,...
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Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault Review

In the ten years the Ratchet & Clank series has been around for, developer Insomniac perfected its formula. With the series distilled to an exact science, where do they go next? How do they keep the series fresh? The answer: tower-defense. Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault is a multiplayer-centric entry in lieu of 2005’s Ratchet: Deadlocked. Multiplayer is the main attraction, its single-player campaign a shallow bundle of levels that act primarily as an extended training mode. Competitive play is thrilling and well-executed, but if the desolate state of the community is any indication, this game’s got a short life ahead of it. Full Frontal Assault is equal parts tower-defense and tower-assault. The campaign serves to introduce you to the game’s concepts, its five brief stages providing little in the way of entertainment. The story goes that a new villain by the name of...
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Halo 4 Review

Halo is in confident, risk-adverse hands. Developed by 343 Industries, the torchbearer for Bungie’s universe after Halo: Reach, Halo 4 is a passionate labor of love developed through caution and carefulness. Little can be said about Halo 4’s faults, if only because the faults of Halo 4 can extend to the rest of the series. If you love the Halo series, you’ll love Halo 4; there is nothing lost in the transition from Bungie to 343i, no cheap imitation to infuriate you. Unfortunately, Halo 4 isn’t perfect. Despite its accolades, its far from deliverance. Despite its strengths – which there are many – a key note is its incredible budget: over a hundred million dollars is spent on this blockbuster of a game. Therefore, “is Halo 4 worth the money spent for Microsoft?”, and “is Halo 4 worthy of its position as the current flagship...
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