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Star Wars Pinball Review

Zen Studios’ best kept secret set of tables is finally out and it’s easily one of their best efforts to date. It’s Star Wars Pinball, a set of three tables based on George Lucas fan (and hater) favorite Star Wars franchise. For the uninitiated, Pinball FX2 is a free to play pinball Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network game that supports expansions through paid downloadable content. So far, we have gotten a lot of tables based on a few franchises, as well as original themes. Star Wars Pinball includes three tables based on the Clone Wars CGI animation show, the iconic bounty hunter Bobba Fett and the legendary film Empire Strikes Back. All three tables are incredibly detailed, each in their own particularly way, featuring a particular set of challenges that make them feel sufficiently unique and familiar at the same time. The new tables...
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Ni No Kuni Review

Though Studio Ghibli’s involvement only went so far as composing the music and a few animated cutscenes, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch feels like a classic Ghibli film. The enchanting world and charming characters, its heartwarming tale of loss and acceptance; it feels like a product of the studio’s talent. But Level 5 – known more recently for their work on the Professor Layton series – handled did all the work, the developer capturing the Ghibli essence exquisitely. Through an embarrassment of content, a fun, lively battle system and Pokemon-esque monster collection element, and a fantastic story, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch delivers a traditional Japanese-style role-playing game at its finest. Ni no Kuni follows Oliver, a young boy who travels to another world in search of a way to revive his fallen mother, who passed away following an...
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Dollar Dash Review

An exceedingly fun, colourful menagerie of cartoonish robbery, Dollar Dash reminds me of the old independent games you find on CDs at convenience store for two dollars. However, instead of 3 level tiers and jerky controls, Dollar Dash is a vivid, smoothly run piece of social fun. The game has no fleshed out plot: you’re a robber and you do things that are only reminiscent of robbing, such as scrounging cash in dark alleys, holding safes, and robbing other robbers (robbers do those things, right?). However, to Dollar Dash’s credit, it makes no attempt to confuse the player with a half-assed narrative: the game is very clear about being a multiplayer game, and though there are snags, in this context it’s certainly a solid winner. With a considerable number of maps, each with their own little gimmicks and unique visual style across three different modes,...
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