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Tokyo Jungle Review

You are wounded, scared and alone. Your pack is mostly dead. A few scattered bones remind you of the ones you cherished in life. You smell and catch something in the corner of your eye. Too late. You are now at the brink of dying. A predator has caught you. You take it as a hallucination upon the last few seconds of life, but you imagine seeing the words “you are dead” suddenly appear in big bold letters as you helplessly watch your lifeless body be devoured by whatever was hunting you. You are now one with the jungle. Tokyo Jungle. That was one bleak intro, wasn’t it? Way too dramatic and a little on the exaggerated side, I’ll admit. But imagine trying to convey the sense of danger and excitement of playing a game where you start off as a little Pomeranian dog that...
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Borderlands 2 Review

The fall. The season of the harvest when the hard work of the year comes to fruition. Yet in most industries, the fall is not typically the time when products and services are introduced. However, in the video game industry, gamers eagerly await the fall. From the usually barren summer months, there is a sudden and sometimes overwhelming influx of great titles emerging in the months before the holiday sales period. With the release of Borderlands 2, gaming’s strongest season has begun. The sequel to the 2009 surprise hit, Borderlands 2 is an open-world first person shooter with a strong sense of personality and a whole lot of loot. As someone who enjoyed the first game, I eagerly awaited this release and fully expected the developer, Gearbox, to expand on the successes of the first game while maintaining the core essence of the universe and gameplay. Therefore, I wanted more...
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Dustforce Review

Dustforce is about cleaning in the most stylish, productive way possible. As one of four acrobatic janitors, this seemingly simple concept transforms into an exercise of patience, skill, and frustration. It demands you learn the nuance of movement, the pin-point accuracy in timing button/key presses, the idiosyncrasies of each character. It’s a long, hard road, but stick with it and you’ll find a fantastically addictive, leaderboard chasing good time. Dustforce wastes no time in getting to the action. After a flashy intro sequence, you’re immediately placed into the Nexus — the main hub — to begin work. You’re given little direction, the only useful piece of guidance being the tutorial. It introduces you to the basics, explaining the core functions of the game in a splendidly succinct manner. Locals of each sub-hub drop hints unsolicited, but they’re typically of little use after an hour of play. The...
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