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Sleeping Dogs Review

It was a miracle that Sleeping Dogs was even at E3 last year. The game was developed by United Front Games and scheduled to be published by Activision under the title, True Crime: Hong Kong. However, the game had been cancelled as the juggernaut publisher lost confidence in the ability to break into the crowded open-world crime game market dominated by Grand Theft Auto and Saint’s Row. Saving the game, Square-Enix swooped in and bought the publishing rights to the game in August 2011. They saw some potential but took a risk as they couldn’t use the True Crime name and thus lost the brand recognition that came along with it. When they showed off the brief ten minute E3 demo it was unimpressive and bland and, at the time, it seemed obvious why Activision pulled the plug on the project. The demo consisted of two chase scenes, one in a car and one...
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Black Mesa Review

When Half-Life: Source arrived, without much fanfare in June 2004, many people were disappointed. Half-Life is of course one of the most cherished and revered games in video game history, but people had expected that when Valve ported the game to their new Source engine, they would get something that looked a lot closer to Half-Life 2. Instead, Half-Life: Source was a straight port of the original game, using the same textures, guns and sound effects. The only noticeable improvements that were made were the introduction of more realistic water effects and a 3D skybox to replace the old 16-bit bitmap images. Half-Life: Source was Half-Life: No more, no less. This led some plucky, aspiring mod developers to wonder what Half-Life would look like if it was rebuilt from the ground up in the new Source engine, taking advantage of all the benefits it would...
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Tokyo Jungle Review

You are wounded, scared and alone. Your pack is mostly dead. A few scattered bones remind you of the ones you cherished in life. You smell and catch something in the corner of your eye. Too late. You are now at the brink of dying. A predator has caught you. You take it as a hallucination upon the last few seconds of life, but you imagine seeing the words “you are dead” suddenly appear in big bold letters as you helplessly watch your lifeless body be devoured by whatever was hunting you. You are now one with the jungle. Tokyo Jungle. That was one bleak intro, wasn’t it? Way too dramatic and a little on the exaggerated side, I’ll admit. But imagine trying to convey the sense of danger and excitement of playing a game where you start off as a little Pomeranian dog that...
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