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Chuchel and No Heroes Here were some of my highlights from this year’s BIG Festival

It’s always a blast to go to any gaming event, really. That’s even more true when one takes place half an hour away from where I live and it happens to be as great as BIG Festival. This year’s edition was especially good, full of incredibly inventive indie games on the ballot for BIG’s top game awards, as well as a handful of student and in development projects that I had the pleasure of trying out and speaking with their creators. Covering BIG Festival is always a fun but incredibly busy time, even more so considering it takes place only a week or so after the chaos that is E3. This year, I took it easy and tried to spread my time at the show along a few days, and it mostly worked out okay. That gave me the opportunity to really dive into the...
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Frostpunk takes home the top award at BIG Festival 2018

The Brazil Independent Games Festival (BIG) was certainly true to its name this year, bringing to São Paulo one of the biggest showings of indie games since its inception in 2012. Over 50 different independent productions were on display from all over the world, ranging in all sorts of genres and styles. The show was held last week, and we were there to check it out. BIG’s prestigious award ceremony took place last Thursday night and it crowned 11Bit Studios’ Frostpunk as the best game of the show, one of Entertainium’s favorite games of the year so far.   But the best game award wasn’t the only prize statuette being given out, and among the categories that were already established in previous editions of BIG, there were four new awards: Best Multiplayer Game, Best Student Game, Best Game for Kids, and BIG Brands. Without further...
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E3 2018: Nintendo’s presence at the show was disappointing

Starting with its Direct presentation for this year’s show, Nintendo’s 2018 E3 was quite shy and irritatingly silent about much needed information about previously announced games and services, like Metroid Prime 4 and the Switch’s online subscription service, which is supposed to go live only a couple of months from now. The laser focus on the new Smash Bros game for the Switch, now titled Super Smash Bros Ultimate proved to be too much, with most of that video being dedicated with detailing every single character included in what seems to be an Ultimate Mortal Kombat-esque version of Super Smash Bros Wii U. Outside of a few quick mentions of Switch ports of older indie (admittedly fantastic) games like Hollow Knight, a lighting quick trailer for Project Octopath Traveler, and an announcement for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC, there wasn’t anything else particularly exciting or new...
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