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West of Loathing shows a very different and silly side of the Wild West

Never a stranger to less than realistic portrayals of classic moments in history, I was very intrigued by the prospect of playing West of Loathing, a game that by name alone already had me chuckling. Set in a crudely drawn but incredibly charming world of stick figures making a living in the Wild West, you step into the shoes — or whatever it is that stick figures wear on their feet, so I guess nothing — so correct that, you seep into the single line that makes up the leg (and foot) of a lone person (a girl or a boy) whose heart is set to hit the road and make a fortune out in the dangerous west. But first, you pick one of three starting classes. I went with the snake oiler, who can both shoot and handle snakes, which in my book sounds...
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Victor Vran Review – Vrantastically Lame

Released back in 2015 for PC, Victor Vran has recently made its way to console. The PS4 version boasts a variety of creepy locales, hordes of monsters just waiting to be slain, and last, but certainly not least, piles and piles of loot just waiting to be collected, provided you have the patience. Victor Vran is the unique moniker of a man with a particular set of skills. If you happen to be a denizen of darkness, ubiquitous undead, or human hungry homunculus, Victor Vran will find you and he will kill you. This singular focus is arguably one of the game’s strong points but also manages to be a weakness as well. The not quite sweeping narrative basically has monster hunter Vran coming to a land infested by all manner of horrible things, just passing through, wherein upon finding a small group of steadfast...
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Redeemer is a bloody, merciless brawl of a game

There have been so many overhead isometric action games over the years that it’s easy to lose count and take new releases for granted. Varying wildly in quality, from gems like Diablo 3 to mixed experiences like Dead Nation, I could easily run out of hands counting how many of those I’ve played over the last decade. So what could possibly come off as original or simply just worth spending the least bit of time with now? As you step into the shoes of former mercenary now monk Vasily, it becomes clear that Redeemer has its heart in the right place. It’s a brutal, bloody, merciless brawler that’s not exactly worried about being serious at all. Vasily is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter that’s seen enough of his previous employer’s antics, so after he’s attacked by his old friends years after crash landing in an isolated...
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