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Deus Ex GO Review – STOP and GO play this

Deus Ex GO is a fantastic follow up to Hitman and Lara Croft GO. It doesn’t change the basics: it’s a puzzle game in which everything else moves a space every time you move a space. In terms of sheer delight after beating a level, Adam Jensen’s mobile adventure is just as rewarding to play as Square Enix Montreal’s previous efforts. Taking place prior to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Deus Ex GO‘s story mode is comprised of 55 stages, split into a handful of different locations. The main gist of the game is the same as the previous GO‘s, that is, getting from point A to B. Unlike them, though, there are far less objectives to complete in order to achieve gold rank at a level — you’re only required to complete a stage under a certain number of turns. In that regard, high score junkies might...
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Rive Review – A bumpy ride

Rive doesn’t know when enough is enough. It seeks to create a challenging shooter that evokes the classics (such as R-Type and Bangai-O, if some of the game’s dialog is any indication), attempting to recreate the frantic, bombastic action of those games. And it certainly does – quite well, I might add – but it also doesn’t know when to stop. It hits its stride early on, finding a nice balance between challenge and raw spectacle. But then it keeps going, adding more outrageous set-pieces, making things even more difficult, constantly trying to outdo itself until the whole thing falls apart. While the overall experience is enjoyable, particularly its first half, it dissolves into a frustrating slog toward the end. Rive is a side-scrolling dual-stick shooter where you fight your way through a massive spaceship. It places you in the role of a scavenger by...
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Thinking outside the box: How N++ avoids frustration through non-linear progression

It was near the end of the third row of levels that I finally met my match in N++. One stage in particular – Earthdate 2264 (pictured above) – had worn me down. It’s a series of tunnels with drones circling each junction with a laser moving back and forth across the ceiling. The button to open the exit sits right in its path, just far enough out of reach to keep you from immediately making a run on it. Instead, you’re supposed to jump down the tunnel behind you and wait for the laser to complete its pass. Then you have to jump back up there and throw the switch and return to safety. Only then you can you finally get out of that corner and move forward by pressing a button that blocks off the door switch so that you can safely bypass...
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