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From E3 2017: Vindicta offers a different solution for movement in VR

Figuring out movement in VR was one of the first major challenges for the platform. Traditional analog stick controls didn’t quite work with the first-person perspective games that make up the majority of the platform’s library. Teleportation has largely been adopted as the solution, acting as a suitable workaround to avoid motion sickness, but Vindicta from Game Cooks offers a different solution. Vindicta is a first-person VR shooter wherein you fight through a series of levels to shut down an evil corporation and its robot army. What makes Vindicta different is in how it handles movement. Rather than point a cursor and teleport around, you shake your arms to dash in whatever direction you’re looking in. For the first minute or two it felt… weird. Having only played VR games that either used the teleportation method or stuck to a fixed perspective, feeling that sensation...
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From E3 2017: Pillars of the Earth is a gorgeous adventure game interpretation of the famous novel

Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth is a series of books that sit neatly in my ever growing pile of shame. Everyone has one for just about every medium these days, and I’m no different. Still, when an interpretation of a literary work ends up doing the source material justice, or even manages to surpass it like Steven Spielberg did with Jaws, it’s a good excuse to jump in and enjoy the original author’s story and world. Daedalic’s upcoming episodic series based on Pillars of the Earth aims to be a faithful and at the same time less than linear version of the novel, with full support from the author. For the slice of gameplay that I got to watch at E3, it certainly looks like it’ll be a beautiful and eventful adventure game. It showed the initial bits of the first episode, with one...
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From E3 2017: Daedalic turns toward the future with State of Mind

Given the current state of affairs in the world, it’s no surprise that a lot of stories set in the future depict dystopian societies. It helps too that there’s plenty of topics to explore that haven’t yet been mined for all they’re worth. State of Mind from Daedalic Entertainment is one of those games. Set in 2048 Berlin, State of Mind attempts to tackle ideas of transhumanism, and perhaps escapism. The premise is that the world, following numerous wars and constant over-exploitation of resources, is in a dire state. Technology continues to rise and innovate, with robots, self-driving cars, cybernetic implants, and even a fully-realized virtual world people can visit attempting to make life more luxurious despite the increasing dystopian nature. The game follows multiple characters (they didn’t say how many, exactly) as they explore this world and decide its future, though our demo stuck...
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