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Bringing it back: Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition

The underlying concept of Flat Kingdom’s gameplay is really neat: you control a character that can’t directly attack enemies, but by changing shapes, it can counter their attacks and defeat them. Unfortunately, due to bad hit detection, confusing art design and unbalanced difficulty, Flat Kingdom never quite takes off. Set in a two dimensional world that’s facing the perils of a villain set on bringing an extra dimension into the mix, it’s up to plucky hero Flat to set things right, a journey that takes him to a variety of cutely designed papercraft-like levels and toe to toe with bosses. Along the way, he unlocks new powers that play with the three shapes he can turn into, such as hurling himself diagonally like a shuriken, allowing him to stick to walls as a triangle, or propelling forward like a square bulldozer in order to break special...
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The Disney Afternoon Collection Review – Nostalgia is out to find you

Say what you will about how great the Mega Man games are, but in my book, the very best Capcom titles of the NES era were the ones tied to Disney properties. For one, they just happened to make use of some of my favorite cartoons at the time, and boy, they were fun. Who would have thought playing as a cane-swinging septuagenarian trillionaire duck would be so great? Capcom did, apparently. Back then, people weren’t as jaded as they are now in regards to licensed games, so anything coming in with a familiar brand on it would get eaten up even if they were the worst garbage ever to hit the market — I’m looking at you, LJN — but in Capcom’s case, they were fantastic, so much so that still to this day, decades later, those cartridges are among the most coveted and...
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TumbleSeed Review – A rolling good time

Roguelikes aren’t typically the sort of game I think of when I want to play something to unwind to. Their tense nature generally reverses them for something I have to specifically be in the mood to play given how long individual runs in these games last and how crushing defeat inevitably is. TumbleSeed is different. It’s a roguelike that’s calm and relaxing to play rather than tense and frustrating like so many others. Between its languid pace and positive attitude, it goes out of its way to maintain a fun and jovial outlook that does wonders to stave off the frustration of failure. It’s a small gesture, but it’s done wonders to keep me coming back for more. The game sees you rolling a seed up a mountain so it can plant itself at its peak. The road to the summit is rife with all...
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