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Absolver is an incredibly unique and rewarding martial arts game

Calling Absolver a martial arts Dark Souls would be to do a huge disservice to the incredibly unique experience that French studio Sloclap has crafted. Absolver’s deep combat system is only one of the many elements that make it one of the most fascinating games I’ve played in a long time. Structure-wise, anyone who’s had the least bit of experience with From Software’s games is bound to see the obvious connection that Absolver’s visually stark and at the same time beautiful world has to the many places you slashed your way through in Dark Souls and its brethren. While considerably smaller, it’s composed of a hub and interconnected areas that are accessible in any order you wish to tackle them from the very beginning of the game. After creating your character and choosing which of the three combat styles you wish to start out with...
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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the next best thing to XCOM on the Switch

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an excellent game that against all odds manages to be something more than a mere cheap knockoff under the guise of a franchise crossover. Try as the haters think they might, Ubisoft’s infamous Rabbids don’t ruin the overall experience, and regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of their previous games or just their plain existence, there’s no denying that this game is the next best thing to having XCOM on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a turn-based tactical game that takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, featuring characters from the Mario franchise as well as Ubisoft’s Rabbids, who have accidentally acquired a dangerous piece of technology that combines beings into a single entity, and have somehow made their way to Mario’s wacky world and made a mess of it. In order to make things right, it’s up to...
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Subsurface Circular: Going Underground

I’ve always had a secret love of the London Underground. True, the Tube can be ridiculously overcrowded, confusingly laid out and a nightmare for tourists to navigate, but for the canny commuter or regular visitor, the Underground can feel like an old, reassuring friend. The usual familiarity of the stations with their varied designs; the ceaseless rhythm of the trains sweeping in and out like clockwork. The Underground is constantly changing, but all the while it says the same. In a weird way, this feeling of rhythm and routine is expertly captured in Subsurface Circular, a new adventure game from Mike Bithell Games, creators of Thomas Was Alone and Volume. Subsurface Circular is a neat little story that can be completed in a single sitting, and is admirable in the ways it manages to successfully reuse the hallmarks of the text-adventure genre for a more...
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