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Resident Evil 7 Review: It’s been a long road home

The Resident Evil franchise has seen its share of ups and downs over the years, ever since its inception in 1997. What started out as one heck of a scary game — at least for the mind of a then twelve-year-old me — eventually turned into shooters, and the overall quality saw a big dip from which the franchise never quite recovered. Resident Evil 7 aims to bring back the series back to its roots, and in many ways, it succeeds, in some, not so much. In the years following the original Resident Evil, many other games tried to follow up on the premise of offering a “survival horror” experience, with mixed results. What many consider the ultimate competitor to Resident Evil, Silent Hill, started out incredibly solid, only to see a similar dive in success that Capcom saw with each new entry in their...
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Nioh Review – The path to mastery is a rocky one, amrita?

It’s really hard to approach Nioh without talking about From Software’s Souls franchise’s influence on modern videogame design. Nowadays, practically every game to come out with action RPG elements is invariably compared to Souls. While From Software’s groundbreaking work is undeniable, it’s worth pulling the break and look at games for their own merits. Nioh borrows many elements from those games, but it would feel lazy to just call it a “Souls clone” and be done with it. Not only would it be a disservice to what’s easily Team Ninja’s best title in years, it would also be selling it criminally short. Nioh’s a redemption of sorts for the troubled developer. The game’s development proved to be quite an interesting process, given how open Team Ninja was to suggestions as they served the game in continuously more complete state for players to try out in...
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Alwa’s Awakening Review – Deliberately retro, for good and bad

I’ve gotten to the point where I approach games that trade on being retro with a bit of trepidation. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of evoking that era’s design principles without understanding why games were designed that way why it doesn’t really fly these days. Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight tangled with the same problems, but it proved (mostly) successful in making a proper NES-styled game for the modern era. Alwa’s Awakening from Eden Pixel largely succeeds as well, going above and beyond to nail that classic NES game look and feel, but not without a few stumbles along the way. For the most part, however, its retro sensibilities work. Its aesthetic and music evoke the NES era of pixel graphics and chiptune soundtracks, simple yet fiendish level design, and stiff but tight controls. It looks and feels like a game from...
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