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E3 2018: Bandai Namco’s betting big on anime

As it’s become E3 tradition, our appointment with Bandai Namco this year started with an hour-long presentation that featured almost all of the games on display at their booth, with looks at the newly-announced Jump Force game that’s coming out in 2019, as well as the console port of last year’s Divinity: Original Sin 2, dubbed Divinity 2: Original Sin Definitive Edition and SoulCalibur VI. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown turned out to be surprise reveal that closed off their presentation, and to all intents and purposes, it looked like a solid Ace Combat game from the trailer that played. Afterwards, we headed out to the hands-on demo stations for some of the games featured in the presentation, as well as the remaining titles in Bandai-Namco’s catalogue, which included Code: Vein, a Souls-like game with heavy anime influences and lots of climbing up and down...
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Pinball and platforming make a fantastic pairing in Yoku’s Island Express

In a time where genres are constantly blending together, it’s hard to feel excitement about them. But Yoku’s Island Express, a pinball game mixed with a Metroid-style platformer from developer Villa Gorilla, is one of those rare exceptions. It’s a delightfully charming and inventive game that seamlessly blends pinball and platforming mechanics together to fantastic effect, resulting one of the bigger surprises this year. Yoku’s a beetle who moves to an island to take over as its new postmaster. Excited to settle in and enjoy his new station in life, things unfortunately are awry when he arrives. The island’s deity has been put in a deep slumber, which the residents suspect is the result of some sort of foul play. Fearing the worst, Yoku’s asked to seek out the other village chiefs to figure out what’s going on. As it plays like pinball, traversal is...
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E3 2018: Sequels and new franchises made for a pretty good show for Ubisoft

While E3 2018 might not have been a hot show for Ubisoft in terms of new game announcements, it sure paved the way for some exciting looks at titles that have already been announced. Games such as Skull & Bones, which demoed extremely well during my appointment, as well as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, an extension in gameplay of the last year’s excellent Assassin’s Creed Origins, set nearly four hundred years before Bayek’s adventure, and of course the still very far from being released Beyond Good and Evil 2, which now featured beloved characters from the original game during its trailer at Ubisoft’s conference. Tried and true online powerhouse games that have been out for a while also made it into Ubisoft’s E3 portfolio. Like the welcome announcement of continuing support for For Honor, that will introduce a new faction into the conflict, the Chinese, as...
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