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TumbleSeed Review – A rolling good time

Roguelikes aren’t typically the sort of game I think of when I want to play something to unwind to. Their tense nature generally reverses them for something I have to specifically be in the mood to play given how long individual runs in these games last and how crushing defeat inevitably is. TumbleSeed is different. It’s a roguelike that’s calm and relaxing to play rather than tense and frustrating like so many others. Between its languid pace and positive attitude, it goes out of its way to maintain a fun and jovial outlook that does wonders to stave off the frustration of failure. It’s a small gesture, but it’s done wonders to keep me coming back for more. The game sees you rolling a seed up a mountain so it can plant itself at its peak. The road to the summit is rife with all...
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Mr. Shifty Review – In the blink of an eye

With so many excellent games coming out these days, it’s tough to decide what to play, let alone devote time to. Feels like most of what I’ve played this year have ended up being large time investments. From the massive open world of Breath of the Wild or the stressful time-management of Persona 5 to traversing the labyrinthine caves of Hollow Knight or the struggle to survive in Rain World, this year feels like it’s been dominated by games that demand your undivided attention. Mr. Shifty provides a nice break from all that. Developed by Team Shifty, it’s a top-down action game in the vein of Hotline Miami. Only instead of playing some mindless murderer, you’re a thief with the ability to teleport. It’s a breezy game that provides a good deal of fun in short bursts, which makes it a perfect fit for the...
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Breath of the Wild embodies the spirit of exploration

In the time since finishing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I’ve occasionally loaded the game up and just wandered around Hyrule. I’d take a quick survey of where I was and pick a direction to set off in, never using the map to chart my path or scout for any particular destination. I didn’t any specific goals in mind; all I wanted to do was wander aimlessly and relax. Sure I could be hunting down those last few shrines or clearing my quest log of side-quests, but I’m not particularly interested. With the story finished, all I want to do is just spend more time in the world and enjoy it. I can’t think of any other open world games that instill that same desire in me. Usually it’s stuff out of the altgames scene and their particular brand of wander games...
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