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E3 2016: South Park: The Fractured But Whole Hands-off Impressions – An alliance torn asunder

At this point, you know if you like South Park or not. The controversial franchise has been around for nearly twenty years, and has since its inception spawned a number of products besides the popular TV show, including videogames. The latest one, South Park: The Stick of Truth was a huge hit, and thus, we’re seeing a direct sequel, South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The Stick of Truth proved to be an excellent game, thanks to its simple and fun gameplay, but also due to the referential treatment of South Park‘s many seasons, featuring a ton of references to the show. The Fractured But Whole doesn’t seem to stray too far from what was established. The kids have grown tired of the fantasy theme of their made up role-playing game from Stick of Truth and have now moved on to superheroes. Chaos obviously ensues...
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E3 2016: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Hands-off Impressions – Dressed up for the occasion

Kingdom Come: Deliverance made for an impressive display at E3 2016 during my time with the folks from Warhorse on the very last official appointment of the show. It’s a game that defies expectations and really ups the ante in terms of ambition with its extremely and painstakingly detailed rendering of realistic armor, locations and the simulation of combat. I have to admit that I had very little knowledge in regards to this Kingdom Come before my appointment, other than that it was a first-person game set in medieval times. What I didn’t know was that it apparently goes way beyond anything that I’ve experienced so far in first-person games that use this setting as a backdrop. First and foremost, Deliverance attempts to replicate the various layers of armor that a knight or warrior would wear for combat. From the cotton robes to the iron plates that go as the...
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E3 2016: Styx returns in Shards of Darkness with a new co-op mode

Styx: Master of Shadows from Cyanide Studio was all right stealth game released in 2014. In my review, I said it was a fine game, but one ultimately hurt by its steady descent into rigid design. Stealth games fall into two camps: the ones that make stealth an option and those that force you down that road at any cost. Master of Shadows tried to court both and it didn’t quite work out. But that’s what sequels are for, right? To take another crack at a solid idea and try to deliver on its promise. Though our appointment for Styx: Shards of Darkness was brief – the whole thing was a touch rushed because everyone was short on time – the glimpse we were shown seems promising. The demo walked us through a quick mission through a secluded part of a seaside town. Styx’s job...
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