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E3 2018: Highlights from the Xbox showcase

While E3 has always been a weird show, recent years have seen it evolve in some unexpected ways. Between companies leaving the show to hold their own events adjacent to E3 proper (EA), and the public being let into the show, this year and the last have been a strange time. Off-site demos were something of a theme, with multiple appointment opportunities we received taking place at nearby hotels instead of the convention center or at separate venues similar to that of Devolver Digital’s. This year Microsoft joined the party by moving their lineup off the show floor and into the Microsoft Theater next door. The same venue they held their press conference in also hosted their lineup of games for the press and public to check out. With how many companies have opted not to show up at E3 in recent years, I wonder...
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E3 2018: Metro Exodus feels like the natural evolution of the Metro franchise

The Metro series is no stranger to breaking ground in games. It was one of the first FPS post-apocalyptic games to come from Eastern Europe, and alongside S.T.A.L.K.E.R, it showed that that part of the world has some great stories to tell when it comes to nuclear annihilation and the rebuilding of humanity that follows. In its case, Metro took a more action-heavy approach, while S.T.A.L.K.E.R stuck to more a focus in story with heavy doses of survival simulation. While both series managed to feature quite a bit of exploration, our excursions in Chernobyl always ended up being more open ended than any of our trips through the twisting tunnels under Moscow. Things change now. Metro Exodus, one of my favorite games that I played at E3 2018, is set to shake things up for Metro as a series, and for games in its genre...
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E3 2018: Mega Man 11 looks like the series revival fans have been waiting for

It’s been a few rough years for Mega Man fans. Between the lack of actual new releases from Capcom to the disappointing Mighty No. 9 which was put together by former series’ producer Kenji Inafune, the Blue Bomber has seen better days. Sure, Capcom’s work on making sure that his previous outings are readily available in the current generation of consoles (and PC) has been mostly decent, but it’s more than time for our little friend to make a proper comeback. And it seems like Mega Man 11’s a return to form and at the same time a shake-up for the franchise. While Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 may have been fantastic throwbacks to the Mega Man games of old (read: 8-bit Nintendo), Mega Man 11 feels like a modern entry in the series built upon the solid foundation of old, adding new...
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