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From E3 2017: Highlights from the Devolver lot

Though Devolver’s never been at E3 proper, they’re own showcase across the street from the convention center always hosts a wide variety of games, ones that often provide a nice change of pace from the usual crop you find on the show floor. Here’s some of the highlights we saw from Devolver themselves. Absolver Absolver was by far one of the biggest surprises of last year’s E3. A martial arts fighting/adventure game, Absolver drops you into a sprawling, interconnected world where you can randomly run into other players at any time (a la Journey). I’ve been eager to get my hands on it again ever since, and this year’s demo didn’t disappoint. This year’s demo focused more on the co-op and PvP aspects. I was quickly given a rundown about how the game works – how to build your own combos, how stance modifies attacks,...
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The Surge is a step above Lords of the Fallen, but lacks the refinement of Dark Souls

The Surge is certainly a step above Deck 13’s previous outing Lords of the Fallen, but it still lacks the refinement and balance of From Software’s beloved franchise. It’s clear that Deck 13 really wants to make a really good rendition of Dark Souls to call their own, and as The Surge shows, they’re almost there. Almost. What their latest game misses in polish, which it tries its best to make up for with a gritty atmosphere. Set in a not so distant future where Earth’s resources are scarce and the environment is going to shit, we play as a disabled man who’s a new test subject willing to put himself through an experimental procedure that can give him the ability to walk again — by bolting an exoskeleton directly and painfully into his body. Things go wrong as expected, and we find ourselves among...
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Prey is a hodgepodge of ideas that ends up being a bland experience

Prey is a mixed, flawed experience that overreaches for success by borrowing elements from many successful games. Considering its troubled development, that started out years ago as a sequel to an entirely different franchise from 3D Realms that was also called Prey, it’s no surprise that this new and completely unrelated release struggles so much to find its own identity: it’s a first-person game that wants to be many things, but ultimately fails at delivering in just about every department. Set in a space station called Talos One in an alternative timeline future where both the United States and the Soviet Union are working in tandem in order to research a hostile alien race in order to harness their powers. While that’s not exactly a damning factor that would make this a terrible game, it’s certainly what holds it back from being regarded in the...
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