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From E3 2017: Reshape a playdough world to your liking in Semblance

Traditionally, E3 begins with us rushing into one of the halls of the LA Convention Center through throngs of attendees to get to our first appointment. This year, our string of appointments began across the street from the show proper in the Devolver Digital lot to see a little game called Semblance. Semblance is a platformer set in a playdough world. As such, you’re able to deform it to suit your needs. Can’t reach a ledge? Crash into one of the lower platforms to raise it high enough to reach your destination. Spikes giving you trouble? Push those safe points between them up to turn them into stepping stones. It’s a simple hook, but one that Semblance gets a ton of mileage out of. The demo walked me through a bunch of small puzzles, each demonstrating the ways you can alter the world’s topography to...
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From E3 2017: Project CARS 2 aims to overtake the competition

The original Project CARS was a hugely ambitious game that took me quite a while to give a go because of how impenetrable it seemed at the outset. After my initial impressions of it at E3 2011, I didn’t feel like I would quite fit in with the style of game Slightly Mad Studios seemed to be going for of the super realistic, merciless racing model. Up to that point, I had grown accustomed to being able to suit a racer to be a little more than arcade, but not completely over the board difficult. Gran Turismo at first, then Forza Motorsport, my videogame racing career became overly dependent on braking lines and the on and off ABS assist at turns. It felt safe, comfortable, something I could always come back to and succeed, despite making mistakes. A year or so ago, though, I decided...
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From E3 2017: Raiders of the Broken Planet mixes third-person shooting and brawling with interesting multiplayer hooks

Raiders of the Broken Planet is a third-person shooter with an emphasis on cooperative play. You and up to three other players team up to complete a series of objectives across a full-fledged campaign. What makes Raiders different is its “antagonist system,” wherein an additional fifth player can invade and work alongside the AI to stop you and your team from completing their mission. The E3 demo didn’t have multiplayer enabled, however, so I wasn’t able to see that particular element in action. The mission I played tasked me with helping a fugitive escape from his prison. The first stage began as a simple case of defense. The target’s cell stood suspended in the air, held by chains that the enemy sought to destroy, thus sending him to his death. My job was to protect him while one of my comrades moved him to a...
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