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New character and game announcements headline the news coming out of EVO 2017

EVO 2017 also proved to be full of surprises — some, not so much surprises, but confirmation of previously leaked announcements — in terms of news relating to fighting games. Most of these were delivered in between grand finals on Sunday. Here’s a rundown of all the news that came out of Las Vegas this weekend… Hot-rodder Abigail joins the Street Fighter V roster next week It was long rumored that Abigail, one of Final Fight’s boss characters, would be making his way to Street Fighter V. Even more buffed out this time around and looking pretty different from his original arcade incarnation, Aby towers above big man Zangief as yet another grappler with plenty of unique tools at his disposal, such as an armored charged move that should work wonders when trying to close the gap against a nimbler opponent. Abigail will be joining the increasingly...
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And that was EVO 2017!

It was terrific weekend for videogame fans for sure. The curtains have closed, and Evolution 2017 is finally over. For three packed days, competitors from all over the globe duked it out, with only a few making it out for the grand finals that not took place yesterday over at the Mandalay Bay Arena, but also on Friday and Saturday, as the other tournaments were still going on. It wouldn’t be EVO if there weren’t any upsets, which there were too many to count. In the traditional games like Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom, some seasoned veterans didn’t even make it to top 8, some even let alone pools, giving way to new names like 18-year old PG|Punk and Splyce|RyanLV to swoop in and make it to grand finals. Still, it was fantastic to see fan favorites like Tokido finally nail down a title this...
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From E3 2017: Zombies are both friend and foe in Dead Alliance

At first glance, tossing zombies into a competitive shooter as a means of making it stand out is maybe not the most interesting idea. Dead Alliance seems to understand this, however, designing around them to make sure they’re more than a mindless addition. The hook of Dead Alliance lies in temporarily recruiting the undead to your side. In every match, the map is overrun with zombies, though they’re not your primary target. Instead they serve as a neutral party that both teams can use to their benefit. Each player is equipped with grenades that, when thrown at zombies, make them briefly fight for you. The exact effects of these grenades differ with each loadout. Of the two I tried – assault and heavy – the former could only hit a single target but gave them a small strength boost and maintained control over them for...
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