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A Robot Named Fight feels at odds with itself

A Robot Named Fight is a self-described “Metroguelite” — a Metroid-inspired roguelike with some light elements of persistent progression. It’s run-based, meaning the lay of the level changes every playthrough. On paper, that sounds like a solid idea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work. Mechanically, it’s good. The game wears its Metroid inspiration on its sleeve, with the character design and movement vaguely evoking Samus, even going so far as to have doors that need to be shot open to move between rooms. Your abilities run the gamut from different shot types (fire, electric, missile, and so on) to moves like slides or higher jumps to expand your maneuverability. What kind of abilities you’ll get vary each run, which keeps things interesting since you never quite know what build you’ll be working with. One problem I find with most roguelikes is how easily they push you...
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Omensight is a thrilling time travel murder mystery

Time travel can either be a very easy or very difficult thing to pull off well in videogames. For puzzle games, it’s simply a matter of using time manipulation in clever ways. For games that use it as a narrative device more than a mechanical one, it’s a little trickier. Reliving past events and retreading old ground are typical and expected of time travel stories, but can give way to repetition and tedium if not handled correctly. Thankfully in the case of Omensight, the latest from developer Spearhead Games, it uses its time travel hooks to great effect. Omensight places you in the role of the Harbinger, a supernatural being whose presence heralds the end of the world. Her job isn’t to cause it. however, but to prevent it. Only, the circumstances that brought her forth this time are a bit… complicated. The world of...
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Relive the glory days of arcade racing with Horizon Chase Turbo

It’s a safe bet that if you own a mobile device, you probably played a racing game on it. With touch controls, keeping a tiny car on the road is a tough thing to pull off while gripping a portable device, but Brazilian developer Aquiris managed to make an extremely fun game out of that with Horizon Chase a couple of years ago. Inspired by arcade racers of old, namely OutRun and Top Gear, it was one of the most polished mobile games I’ve ever played, so much so that I didn’t even wait for a sale in order to buy it — which says a lot about a title from that particular marketplace. Horizon Chase Turbo is exactly that same game, now on big screen devices. Horizon Chase already looked gorgeous on your phone’s screen, thanks to its colorful, saturated visuals, but it’s another...
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