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What’s the deal with Overwatch’s loot boxes?

After reading through Gareth’s excellent analysis of Hearthstone, I’ve decided to talk about Blizzard’s other hit, Overwatch. Mainly, I wanted to touch upon what bothers me the most about it: the loot boxes. Like a litany of other online multiplayer games, Overwatch “drops” are tied to an acronym whose mention...
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Hearthstone: A great, fundamentally broken game

As 2017 marches through August and into September, Hearthstone has just experienced the launch of its sixth expansion in three years. Since March 2014 when the game originally released, it has been regularly supported with the launch of new cards sets and occasional single-player adventures. I’ve played Hearthstone semi-regularly throughout...
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My personal favorites from BIG Festival 2017

BIG Festival 2017 took place in São Paulo last week, and I was there to check everything out. BIG is always a very fun event to attend because it’s so chill, a stark contrast to all the insanity that usually takes place only a couple of weeks before at E3....
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