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Callum’s Top Games of 2017

It feels weird to celebrate how good a year 2017 was for videogames when it was a disaster in just about every other respect imaginable. It all feels so frivolous, you know? But then, given how truly awful and exhausting 2017 was, a distraction of any sort is exactly what...
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What’s the deal with Overwatch’s loot boxes?

After reading through Gareth’s excellent analysis of Hearthstone, I’ve decided to talk about Blizzard’s other hit, Overwatch. Mainly, I wanted to touch upon what bothers me the most about it: the loot boxes. Like a litany of other online multiplayer games, Overwatch “drops” are tied to an acronym whose mention...
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Injustice Revealed as 9th EVO 2013 Game

Injustice: Gods Among Us has just been announced as EVO 2013’s 9th tournament game during Shoryuken’s weekly Wake Up SRK show stream. EVO’s main man, organizer Joey “MrWizard” Cuellar started off the speculation train by teasing a big announcement for a few days over Twitter. Earlier tonight he finally revealed...
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