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You don’t need a beast of a computer to have a good time playing Monster Hunter World

In late January, Monster Hunter World already solidified its spot on my game of the year list, as I talked about in my review of its console version. Six months later, we’re finally getting to play the PC port, and to all intents and purposes, it’s looking like it’s the...
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Relive the very best (and worst) of Street Fighter in the 30th Anniversary Collection

If there’s one thing Capcom has been known for over the years, it’s for having a knack for re-releasing their games. Be it with the numerous tweaked versions of Street Fighter II in the 1990s or the later enhanced ports of the original Resident Evil, it’s safe to say that...
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E3 2018: Resident Evil 2 was my biggest surprise at the show

Among the many games that I played during my appointments at E3, getting the chance to try out the new Resident Evil 2 remake was perhaps my biggest surprise at the show. Sure, the existence of this new version of the 1998 classic wasn’t much of a secret, but to...
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