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A chat with Space Mace about Joggernauts

For as popular as local multiplayer games are these days, it feels like the competitive variety far outnumbers the cooperative sort. Space Mace, a small indie studio based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, feels that the local multiplayer scene could use more cooperative games. The studio has made them their focus,...
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E3 2016: I Am Setsuna Hands-off Impressions – A deeper meaning

The biggest surprises of this year’s E3 came in form of impromptu interview opportunities that popped up during our appointments at the show. One of these happened when we stopped by Square Enix’s spacious booth for a showing of their JRPGs. Instead of the usual demo and information overload that everyone...
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E3 2015 – A chat with Midboss about Read Only Memories

On Monday, I had the opportunity to speak with the folks at Midboss – Matt Conn, John James, Toni Rocca, and Philip Jones – about their game Read Only Memories, an old-school adventure game set in a cyberpunk-styled San Francisco inspired by games like Snatcher, and a bit about general LGBTQ...
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