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Crossing Souls weighs heavy on nostalgia

… and no, there’s nothing wrong with the Earth’s gravitational pull. Nostalgia has been “in” for a long while now, and it’s no news that games, especially the indie kind, have been shamelessly dipping their toes into it. Be it old movies, books, or even games themselves, the subject of...
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If things aren’t going your way in Iconoclasts, throw a wrench at them

Iconoclasts sure lives up to its name. As a Metroid/Castlevania Symphony of the Night-inspired game, it’s totally serviceable: you explore a large grid-based map and use new equipment to help unlock new paths that take you further into the world. But it’s the way that it approaches your development that...
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Uncover an intergalactic mystery in The Station

Star Trek is one of my favourite science fiction universes. A galaxy where humanity has overcome nearly all petty national differences to establish a futuristic, utopian world without money, based on bettering each other and the rest of society. Earth represents just a part of the greater United Federation of...
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