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Callum’s Top Games of 2017

It feels weird to celebrate how good a year 2017 was for videogames when it was a disaster in just about every other respect imaginable. It all feels so frivolous, you know? But then, given how truly awful and exhausting 2017 was, a distraction of any sort is exactly what...
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Eduardo’s Top Games of 2017

2017 has been a difficult year for everyone all over the world, and it seems like videogames picked up the pace and helped serve as an escape from all the insanity going on around us. So much so that it’s tough to point to only one game as my own...
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E3 2016: The road to freedom is a long and difficult one in Pyre

Supergiant Games has built an interesting collection of work. First they began with a traditional action role-playing game in Bastion, then a strategy/action game hybrid in Transistor, and now a role-playing game/sports hybrid with Pyre. You can never tell what they’re gonna make next, but if there’s one thing you...
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