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Secret of Mana HD: The more things change, the more they stay the same

The year was 1993. It would be two years until Chrono Trigger would enthrall many gamers with its spell of time traveling adventure and discovery. But a more whimsical fare had just been released. A game that was light and bright and snappy, as were its graphics, gameplay, and soundtrack....
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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age mixes accessibility with familiarity in the one of the series’ most engaging entries

It was a time of peace in Ivalice.  A long-awaited wedding would bring out the people of Rabanastre in harmony and in celebration, but their joyous merrymaking would be short lived. Suddenly, an attack from the nearby kingdom of Dalmasca would shatter the tranquil atmosphere, turning excitement and happiness into...
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From E3 2017: Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age aims to please fans and newcomers alike

At the brink of E3 2017 closing down for good, we had the chance to sit down for a chat with the producers of the new Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age at Square Enix’s booth. Based on Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System, an improved Japan-only rerelease of...
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