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E3 2018 – Team 17’s indie lineup continues to impress

Team 17’s had one of the more consistent lineups year after year. Their electric mix of games always provides some fun surprises (such as the excellent Yoku’s Island Express last year), which makes it a worthwhile visit year after year. Here’s what we played: Overcooked 2 I love a good...
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Pinball and platforming make a fantastic pairing in Yoku’s Island Express

In a time where genres are constantly blending together, it’s hard to feel excitement about them. But Yoku’s Island Express, a pinball game mixed with a Metroid-style platformer from developer Villa Gorilla, is one of those rare exceptions. It’s a delightfully charming and inventive game that seamlessly blends pinball and...
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From E3 2017: A look at Team 17’s coming lineup

Team 17’s been progressively becoming one of the more noteworthy publishers of indie games. Their E3 lineups consistently provide a variety of experiences, ensuring you can always count on a pleasant surprise or two. This year the company’s lineup ran the gamut from city builders and roguelikes to sandbox prisons...
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