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Batman: A Telltale Series Episode Five Review – Toe to toe

If there’s one thing that Telltale’s really good at it’s playing with our expectations. Their dealing of third-party franchises has seen mixed results over the years, and while they’ve been mostly positive, there’s no helping feeling a little uneasy seeing them step out of their comfort zone. That was the...
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Batman: A Telltale Series Episode Four Review – Committed

It finally happened. Bruce Wayne spent a night in Arkham Asylum, and it wasn’t a social call as his alter ego. Episode four, the penultimate part in Telltale’s Batman series opens up as our boy Bruce is just waking up after his drug-induced psychotic attack at the end of part...
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Batman: A Telltale Series Episode Three Review – A little bit of everything

The third episode in Telltale’s take on Batman manages to cram just a little bit of everything that’s associated to the caped crusader’s legacy, as well as add a few more layers to the studio’s own take of DC Comics’ icon’s mythos. The stage was set for Harvey Dent’s ascent...
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