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Frostpunk takes home the top award at BIG Festival 2018

The Brazil Independent Games Festival (BIG) was certainly true to its name this year, bringing to São Paulo one of the biggest showings of indie games since its inception in 2012. Over 50 different independent productions were on display from all over the world, ranging in all sorts of genres...
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Where the Water Tastes Like Wine understands the power of stories

Stories are powerful things. We’re moved by them, draw strength from them. They help us understand the world and ourselves, allow us a chance to escape briefly and imagine a more idyllic world or inspire us to take action. Whether fact or fiction, they’re power is undeniable. The ways we...
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From E3 2017: Highlights from the IndieCade showcase

Every year, I tell myself to make more time to hang around the IndieCade showcase at E3. Where so much of the show is overtaken by the same big-budget, blockbuster franchises, the IndieCade booth is an oasis of creativity and originality. Games both digital and physical, traditional and experimental, and...
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